The RedState Box Office Report - We Finally Learn the Result of Marvel Madness

Captain Marvel trailer (screen grab) Credit: Marvel Entertainment

After weeks worth of drama surrounding the comments of lead actress Brie Larson we finally see the debut of Captain Marvel, releasing us from so much social upheaval. As it turns out all the concentration was for little concern; the film performed in line with what most would expect from a Marvel comics title.


That result meant very little in the way of activity for the rest of the list, with the combined tally of the rest of the list not even reaching $45 million. So with only title even generating interest it will be the focus of things for the coming weeks.

1. CAPTAIN MARVEL – $153.0 Million
All the talk of Brie Larson hurting the prospects of the movie seems to have been more hype that harm, we may never really understand if there was an impact. While of course there is no way of knowing these figures accurately, the initial projections had the film earning in the $150-180 million range, and this comes in on the lower end of that scale. There was talk of this having the opening scaled back by as much as $50 million, so either there was no impact, or possibly there was an effect but it was less than feared.
One reality is seen however – the men did in fact turn out. For all of the sexist complaints seen in the feminist media males were overwhelmingly the core audience this weekend, with them turning out at a rate of 61%-39%. That exceeds the demo numbers from Wonder Woman. All the gnashing of teeth over the sexist reactions to the social media controversy was over nothing, it seems.

Holding up about as well as expected against the onslaught of a Marvel release. Animated films are usually judged on a hold of -50% or better, so this is considered decent when faced with such strong competition.


It took a strong hit of -56%, but everything is measured against a blockbuster release. Most Tyler Perry films land in the the $50-60 million range by the end, and this one drawing $45 million after just 2 weeks is a better than usual performance.

It really has been a surprise how underwhelming this sequel performed. This is the fifth weekend in release, and is still showing on nearly 3,000 screens, and yet the film has still not been able to cross over the $100 million mark. By this time the original film had earned $225 million, and “Lego Batman” had seen $150 million.

There had been talk about a protest of “Captain Marvel” from some who joined in on the outrage brigade that they would go out and see this film instead. Dubbed #AlitaChallenge on social media, it encouraged those upset at Brie Larson’s comments to buy tickets to this title to send a message. It is safe to say that this failed to deliver those results. Not only is “CM” seemingly unaffected, but this title suffered a -55% drop, so it did not enjoy any type of uptick in performance.

6. GREEN BOOK – $2.48m
The Oscar winner, and social activist agitating film, is still drawing interest from the Academy Awards. It stands at earning $80 million by now.


7. ISN’T IT ROMANTIC – $2.41m
The Valentine’s Day release has surrendered 1,100 screens this weekend.

The British wrestling feature has tapped out, as it has been out now for one month and still has been unable to earn over $20 million.

9. GRETA – $2.16m
A not horrific drop of -54% means little as it it had a dismal opening last week. It has barely drawn $8 million in total.

10. APOLLO 11 – $1.3m

A small surprise entrant as this documentary about the space program expanded onto only 400+ screens. It sports a solid $3,212 averrage per screen making for fourth highest of the weeek.



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