New Revelation May Show Jussie Smollett Is Not Just a Hoaxer, but Downright Evil

Some new evidence could show just how deep the actor was willing to go over his contrived story.

It has all but been destroyed, this tale of MAGA-hat wearing oppressors who lynched singer-actor Jussie Smollett in the dead of a sub-freezing night. But now, new revelations on the case have come out that may show not only how fabricated the entire episode was, but that Smollett could possibly be a venal individual willing to have others punished over his fabrication.


TMZ reports some of the new findings. (And yes, there is a hesitation, as this is the same outlet that provoked some of the initial misreporting.) The outlet reports that police contacts informed it that the two Nigerian brothers hired by Smollett are being kept at a secure location, to ensure they have no contact with the “Empire” actor. What the police found while raiding their home is the revealing aspect.

In searching their residence, the police, according to TMZ, found magazines that had pages missing. They are trying to determine if these pages would coincide with the threatening letter that Smollett reported having received just over a week prior to his “attack” story. If this detail is attributed, it shows just how deep of a cover Smollett intended for his hoax. But there is an even more evil detail emerging.

TMZ reports its law enforcement sources stated when the police took the brothers into custody they reached Smollett to inform him that they had 2 suspects. Smollett was asked if he would be willing to sign complaints against the two individuals, and he answered that he was willing to do so. However, once he learned that the two in custody were the Nigerian brothers he has been connected with, he recanted his willingness.

If this proves accurate, this would seem to indicate that Smollett was more than willing to have two individuals brought up on charges for a crime that he had entirely staged. While he was of the belief that police had detained two individuals he was willing to go forward with charges, but once he realized they detained his accomplices — that is, the actual perpetrators of his hoax — he became unwilling to cooperate.


If these details become confirmed then the entire interpretation of this bizarre episode will be shifted. There have been indications in the press and broader media that some forgiveness for the actor would play out. Should it become settled that he was willing to go forward with a pair of individuals being charged with a crime for his contrived story, then all manner of sympathy for the performer needs to dissipate.


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