Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast ep.30 -- Don’t Believe What You Hear Edition


Covering the connection of DC politics and Hollywood entertainment as they contribute to our culture.

There was a number of stories this week that seem to hinge on the fact that words being spoken, and heard correctly, do not actually mean what was spoken. A reporter has years worth of racist tweets? That’s not racism! Trump doesn’t say anything racist? That IS racism! Reporters gang up on a museum after telling twitter not to gang up on a reporter? That’s not hypocrisy!


There was a trove of this type of idiocy, but Sarah and Brad are just the pair to right the ship, correct the course, and get things smooth sailing! (Can you tell Brad is excited to see the new shark fiasco “The Meg” this week???)



THIS WEEK’S THEME: “Camera One” ~ Josh Joplin

  • We discuss Sarah Jeong, since no one else is talking about her…
  • Jim Acosta interviewed a mirror. Yes, again!
  • Journalists condemned Twitter mobs, then they mobbed together to attack a gift shop.
  • LeBron James and Don Lemon get insulted by Trump; of course it was racist.
  • Hollywood is working on behalf of women — they just won’t give them work
  • Steven Seagal has a new job with Russia, largely because Putin thinks he is still a star here in the States


I know the idea of Cory Booker interviewing Alyssa Milano seems like a vacuous affair, but here you can actually listen and find out that is true. They declare how dark our nation is currently (with low unemployment and a swelling GDP, but whatevs) and they declare the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh will lead to all manner of global disaster. This is hilarious ineptitude.


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