Ridiculous Hypocrite Celebrities Launch Dumb New Attack on NRA

“The Oblivious Hypocrite Brigade” would be a great title for a movie. Something to keep in mind.

Even as it becomes apparent that Tinseltown’s celebrity set is an increasingly inconsequential political faction, they continue to hector and lecture the rest of as if they are still socially relevant and influential.


Undeterred by the fact that their overwhelming support of and assistance for Hillary Clinton in 2016 not only didn’t push her over the finish, but actually contributed to her defeat, the luminary Illuminati continue to offer up their unnecessary and unwanted opinions.

Since the election the famous have led the #Resistance — resulting in zero change. They have loudly backed the Women’s March, and their donning of vagina hats has provoked far more laughter than change. Celebrities have openly funded and supported the latest surge of gun control fervor following the Parkland school shooting, and the result has been an increase gun sales and a huge spike in new memberships for the NRA.

So not merely inconsequential to success for their liberal causes, but actively detrimental to it, and yet totally unaware of it.

This lack of awareness has led to a particular crowd of celebrities who, unable to ascertain the reason for rising NRA memberships and gun ownership, to concoct a plan to counteract it. Remarkable.

The formation of The NoRA Initiative is meant to be a direct salvo against the NRA. By way of introduction, this outfit crafted an open letter (PDF) to NRA President Wayne LaPierre, and it is a marvel of ignorance and misinformation, all delivered in a demeaning, condescending, angry tone. Just as you’d expect from these geniuses.

This letter — signed by a lengthy list of actors, performers, and dozens of other deeply important people — wastes no time in being an easily disregarded missive of mirth. It begins by addressing the Columbine High School shooting, and our celebrities fall on their collective faces by sentence Two. “Three of the four guns used in the shooting were legally in the possession of the shooters.”


Uh, no. Sorry, Hollywood gun experts, but the two killers at Columbine — Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold — were below the age to “legally” own their firearms. The guns were purchased by another individual, and despite the claim by NoRA, the straw purchase for underage individuals was illegal.

The letter then mentions the NRA held its convention in Denver weeks later. This is another wild inaccuracy. Rather than marching in behind the tragedy, the convention had long been planned for Denver and following the shooting then President Charlton Heston canceled most of the event activities, save for his legally mandated annual speech. This was done out of respect of the victims. Then NoRA engages in more sophistry.

It offers up a quote from LaPierre delivered in 1999: “You insisted that your organization believes in ‘absolutely gun free’ schools. You lied.” This is a very selectively-pulled quote, absent full context. What LaPierre referenced was preventing students from bringing guns into a school campus, and he noted the lax enforcement contributing to the problem. It is telling that groups like NoRA, and Everytown run just three words, as they feel the need to truncate his full quote. This is LaPierre’s full comment, as he continued:

Of the 6,000 young people the president acknowledges were caught with a gun at school during the past two years, we believe all of them should have been prosecuted. But the truth is only five were prosecuted in 1997. And just eight were prosecuted in 1988. That’s not zero tolerance.


The letter later states the NRA fights for Stand Your Ground Laws that, as they wrongfully claim, “allowed Trayvon Martin’s killer to go free.” This is patently a lie. SYG was not invoked by George Zimmerman’s defense team. It’s notable how this crowd feels that a law permitting anyone to defend themselves from an attack is unseemly.

But let’s look at the overriding claims being made by this group of entertainment dignitaries. When it comes to the NRA they routinely charge numerous social offenses:

  • The NRA promotes gun use
  • The NRA profits from guns
  • The NRA fetishizes and glorifies gun violence

Now, as a visual aid to put the stance of the notable members from the list into perspective, look at how dedicated to the anti-gun cause they appear to be professionally.


Alec Baldwin


Don Cheadle


Jennifer Esposito

John Favreau


Nathon Fillion


Piper Perabo


Patton Oswalt


Alyssa Milano


Julianne Moore


Debra Messing

Ashley Judd


Sure, it could be considered brevity to merely show some notables brandishing weapons. But this is more than merely illustrating hypocrisy. Consider the charges being made by this group, then look over their profession in the same light.

Please explain, how can an industry that features and promotes content with weaponry can turn around and accuse a Constitutional organization of being evil — for promoting weaponry? How can studios demonize the NRA as profiting off of violence, while studios reap profits from ticket sales to movies glorifying gun violence on screen? How do they demean a group claiming they are fetishizing guns, when some Hollywood films are so laden with lead delivery they get described as “gun porn”???


Hollywood loves guns. They feature guns with such fanaticism as to be considered unhealthy, according to their own accusations. If they expect anyone to take their claim to desire an end to gun violence in this country seriously they should begin with their own industry.

This will never happen, however. As they lecture that anyone profiting from guns is inherently evil, at the same time they cannot cut off their own gun profit stream. Celebrities are perfectly entitled to have armed security usher them to movie sets because they need to make it on time and make millions firing their weapons.

You and I meanwhile are considered vile for buying into the very message that they display with wanton glee on screens across the country.


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