On Guns Scarborough Fires From Both Barrels, Manages to Shoot Both Feet


On the highly volatile and currently popular gun debate issue it is of little surprise that a morning gab-fest like Morning Joe would do all it can to wring as much attention (i.e., ratings) from said issue. The show, for example, could not resist joining the fawning ranks of news outlets by having the ever-present Parkland teen activist David Hogg on their program. (sidebar: I lay odds of Hogg making an appearance at this weekend’s Oscars at roughly 8/1.)


On the gun issue itself host Joe Scarborough, the resident conservative (ahem) has shown on the subject to be something of a moving target. (dammit) Sorry, that gun reference is offensive, I mistakenly shot off at the mouth. (Dammit) Sorry! These references are not my aim (Dammit!) Sorry! Seems I cannot say something without triggering. (DAMMIT!)

Scarborough is currently joining the wave of mouthpieces calling for some type of gun legislation in the wake of the Parkland shooting. You may think it strange a self-professed conservative would be calling for such, but Scarborough has shown a certain level of political flexibility on the issues — even within his explanation of an issue. He has been strident in his calls for tougher gun laws, all while saying, as he did last week, “I’m like 95% pro-gun”.

This morning Joe’s co-host and co-habitator, Mika Brzezinski, was gleefully reporting that the athletic chain supplier, Dick’s Sporting Goods, was joining in with other companies making grandstanding gestures regarding guns and the NRA. Dicks declared changes to the type of gun it would sell, and raise the purchasing age limit to 21 years. The show then posted a graphic with the numerous companies that have recently cut relationships with the NRA.


In response to this Scarborough chimed in with a brief comment, regarding these business taking action and making decisions: “Everybody’s free to do what everybody wants to do.” This differs however from his opinion earlier that same morning on a corporate decision on this same matter. Citing a story that originated with ThinkProgress (ahem) that declared FedEx was remaining in a business relationship with the NRA, Joe took exception with that company:

So is FedEx not also free to do what they choose, or are they cowardly for not taking your side on the gun debate, Joe? We surmise that the companies that have acted against the NRA are thus brave as a result, and not merely virtue-signaling to appease the pitchfork crowd and get free publicity? How is it companies are said to be free to do what they like, AND be scorched doing so? They’ll dodge criticism as long as those companies agree with the pro-gun gun-control advocate Scarborough.


You understand my confusion given this messaging comes from a claimed conservative, who is demonizing the NRA, while claiming to be 95% pro-gun, but calling for more gun restrictions, despite a congressional voting record where he voted against gun restrictions.


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