The CPAC Media Panel -- Chris Loesch Shows CNN Town Hall Flaws


The Media becomes another component to battle in the gun debate

In one of the opening panels here at the CPAC convention Larry O’Connor, from The Washington Times, moderated a group discussing the manner the press of our country is working directly with the left politically. Entitled An Affair To Remember: How The Far Left And The Mainstream Media Got In Bed With Each Other the group included Chris Loesch, a journalist and also husband to talk show host and NRA mouthpiece Dana Loesch.


Dana had just sat in with the embattled CNN Town Hall on the gun issue, held the evening before. One Parkland student has come out to say he was being fed specific questions to ask. While the network has denied this was the case, I have a hard time giving them the benefit of doubt. Recall, it was on this very issue that the news network stated that Ted Cruz was scared to come on with them, and the Senator clowned CNN by showing that he was in fact recently interviewed by CNN, but the network elected to not run his piece.

This morning Chris Loesch revealed more details about the town hall that took place in Broward County, Florida. He was in attendance so O’Connor asked him about the framework of the format, and how controlling CNN was over the content. Loesch stated it was clearly a staged affair, by his reckoning.

The questions were chosen in advance, that was obvious because they were able to hand the microphone to the next person that was going to speak, or ask a question. I think at one point it got a little messed up because one of the young men asked Dana a question — when she was not even on stage yet. Which I thought was a little odd.



Dana Loesch was a focal point of the disdain during much of that Town Hall, and Senator Marco Rubio was also verbally drubbed by the hectoring questioners. While there is enough to question how “scripted” CNN had the event there is clear indication the news net was framing everything towards the gun control side of the ledger.

This results from the emotional reaction that always flares up in the wake of these highly publicised shootings. It was something discussed last evening during an impromptu RedState gathering we had here at the convention. We had debated the merits of a Dana Loesch being a spokesperson of the NRA, and if her occasional firebrand delivery system helps, or detracts from, the messaging.

That emotional component is the fulcrum to the gun debate. The hysterics are bleating for change on one side, and a person like Dana who is cool, and sometimes with confrontation, in delivering the counterpoint they can become viewed as hateful, or heartless. Case in point, look at the father who had declared Marco Rubio was just as guilty of the seventeen deaths as the shooter.


The way to address this ever divisive issue is the calm presentation of facts, and let them take priority over emotional lurches. As Chris Loesch illustrated, that is what is going to be needed as the press is staging the issue with only one side in mind.


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