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The team that should be renamed “The Leftovers”

The week after the major Thanksgiving weekend was a bit muted in that no major studios offered up a new title in wide release. So while the titans of the past month squared off, a slew of independent tiles jostled for select screens in limited release, during the usual awards season positioning platform.


Each year a clutch of smaller boutique pictures hoping to get recognized by the trophy presenters ease their way into theaters in order to both qualify for the various awards as well as being fresh in the minds of nominating voters. Note how this week announcements of the flashy star-choked newspaper drama “The Post” being named to various Best Of lists, while it has yet to earn an actual release. (The film is coming out December 22.) Here are the reheated titles that were plated this week.


1.  COCO – $26.11Million
A strong hold after a suitably strong opening means Pixar has another solid hit on its slate. The title is actually following the path of animated films this time of year, trending exactly as expected. The latest comparable was last year’s “Moana” from Disney, and “Coco” is tracking just under that film’s second week, matching it opening just under that film’s debut. Based on that example a $200million run is certainly expected.

2.  JUSTICE LEAGUE – $16.58m
The struggle of this blockbuster is well noted, and it is still a curiosity whether this will eventually turn a profit or not. Overseas it is drawing well, and the $700million needed to start realizing a profit is within reach. But a film of this import, launching a franchise universe, should have no issues like this. It has a heavy -Most telling is that in just its third week it dropped 200 theaters. Not a shocking piece of news, but with no new major releases this week there was no reason to expect a blockbuster to be dropping screens this early.


3.  WONDER – $12.5m
As a sign of how drastic the “Justice League” screen count looks this vastly smaller drama actually added 277 screens. Already overperforming, by next weekend it will cross over the $100million line which was a distant thought for its entire run when it first opened.

4.  THOR: RAGNAROK – $9.66m
Looking more likely to have a better run overall than Justice League, Thor earned 25% more in its third week than the entire DC Team has drawn so far.

5.  DADDY’S HOME 2 – $7.5m
Using the holiday frame to maximum efficiency this should tap on the $100million mark by the end, no small accomplishment in a cinema environment that has been hostile to most comedies this year.

Matching beat-for-beat with DH2, this one is distinguished by performing even better overseas, and is over $200million globally.

7.  LADY BIRD – $4.54m
The ongoing goodwill means this title continues to expand its theater count. Basically assured of getting a slew of nominations in the coming months this one is experiencing an avalanche of goodwill from critics and audiences. Currently, on Rotten Tomatoes, it sports a perfect 100% after a staggering 185 reviews.


Another awards hopeful running of great word of mouth it has expanded into 1,400 theaters at this stage.

9.  THE STAR – $4.0m
This small holiday animated feature has done modestly well enough in a crowded field. As it begins fading there may be profitability for Sony.

10.  BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS – $3.48m
The bawdy ladies have done well enough, if not remarkable. The question if this was this enough to justify another version of misbehavior in the future.


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