Journalistic Witch Hunts -- Old & Busted: Russian Business Ties; New Hotness: Nationalist-Adjacent

Clash with white supremacists


Clash with white supremacists
Clash with white supremacists

The media could not be more thrilled with the timing of the arrival of the contemporary “Nazi Scourge”.

Since the disastrous white supremacist march on the University of Virginia this past Saturday this nation is gripped in a perpetual Nazi cycle. Social media is awash in a flood of arbiters who feel as if they are breaking new ground by decrying racist hate groups and challenging all thinking people to disavow something we have disavowed since elementary school. It has barely been a week, and already Der Fuhrer Fatigue has set in.


To break bad news for you let me just say — it will only become worse. That is because the media has only just begun to ramp up their intensity. This nation’s press was just about to become slung into a bout of professional torpor. The long-running Russia collusion show that has been fueling media narratives for over a year was beginning to lose all traction. Then the Party City Swastika drones went ahead and staged an affair so moronically audacious, and culminating in violence and death, that the media could not believe their good fortunes.

Just as their Moscow mule was perishing from overwork in the news fields this all new Alt-right albatross was deposited in their laps to drape on Trump’s neck, as well as those of any to the right of center. That pivot away from the incessant Russia conspiratorial talk has already begun. For the past year, we have watched as anyone speaking to a Kremlin politician, doing business with a company that deals in Rubles, or who orders a cocktail made with Stolichnaya, was held up as proof of Russian collusion.

Nearly overnight similar tactics are already being used by journalists, only now any tangential connection to supremacists of any shade of white is used to re-frame GOP players. Andrew Kaczynski, a CNN contributor who “loves cats,” has begun the process. Looking at the Alabama runoff election one candidate is bearing the brunt of the neo-Nazi purge in the media.



Not content to stay there Kaczynski continued digging for any other players with tenuous connections, which are then held up as “proof”.

Journalists now seem poised to launch an assault like a Left-waffe, hoping to bomb reputations with any piece of “evidence” to connect the target to the Alt-right/supremacist faction. In this fashion, Politico’s Marc Caputo resorted to trying to impugn The Federalist’s Mollie Hemmingway. Her crime? She uttered an opinion that also happened to resemble something spoken by some person with some connection to some of the white-power groups.

According to Caputo, this makes her guilty.


This is sophomoric reasoning, to be sure. In this same regard, pet owners have to be put on notice. Oh, so you own a dog? Just like Hitler!

But expect little more from journalists in the form of professional assessments. Once their “Kremlin Konspiracy” became the non-starter it has become they needed to latch on to the next poison pill to be used to slip Donald Trump a Mikhail Finn. The Nazi litmus test will be employed with regularity in the weeks to come.



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