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Many did not LOL at the WTF options this weekend.

It was another week  when Hollywood dared to stray away from its proven formula of remakes, reboots, and retread sequels. However despite this  surprising turn towards originality the quality of such is, well….rather suspect.


A title based on your phone’s emoticons arrived to challenge with a female empowerment action  film. Yet neither had the juice to take over the top of the chart.

1.  DUNKIRK — $28.1 million
Continuing to perform strong this is the second weekend at the top with a strong hold of -44%. On Friday it was actually trailing slightly, but a stronger Saturday against weak competition led to another weekend win. Christopher Nolan’s historical epic should have a long run in front of it.

2.  THE EMOJI MOVIE — $25.65m
This is actually staggeringly impressive return for a movie about talking faces…and talking feces. This opening faced quite a bit of hostility in that it sports a dismal 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. Also the audiences graded it with a “B” CinemaScore — it is rare for an animated film to score below an “A”. While the kids surely forced the parents to take them there is not a positive future ahead. Those negative metrics were reflected by the fact that on Saturday, when kids movies have better performance, this offering actually dropped 15% from its Friday debut. Sad Face!

3.  GIRLS TRIP — $20.08m
A deeply impressive second week as it drops merely 35%. Budgeted at less than $20million this title has already pulled in $65million with little  sign of weakness. The truth is the per-screen average saw this comedy perform better than “Dunkirk”


4.  ATOMIC BLONDE — $18.55m
This variation on the spy thriller (call it “The Bourne Mimicry”, if you will) starring Charlize Theron came in slightly below expectations. However there is a chance the vodka swilling assassin can see profit as it sports a low budget of $30million. Still, coming in behind an anthropomorphic talking pile of fecal matter has to be seen as a negative.

Just a strong weekend for Sony overall as the newest version of Peter Parker is showing staying power. One month in release and it is still a Top-5 earner. Globally the spider has swung past the $625million plateau by now.

Not quite showing the staying power expected, the crowded marketplace is proving to be a challenge. It has already started shaking the trees, as it dropped over 700 theaters this week. Still,  looking at the overall prospects and global action, there should be a profit for Fox in the end.

7.  DESPICABLE ME 3 — $7.72
All the expected strength with this franchise. After 5 weeks in release and it is still showing in over 3,000 theaters. Those little minion bastards will be heavy in bananas, as the worldwide number has crossed $820million.


Last week’s contender for “Bomb Of The Summer” performed about as bad as expected.
It dropped -60% from its dismal opening last week, barely earning $30million against a budget some project was $200million. You can see the mushroom cloud from space!

9.  BABY DRIVER — $4.05M
Still a chance this crowd pleaser can coast over the $100million finish line in the coming weeks.

10.  WONDER WOMAN — $3.54M
Just a matter of time before Diana reaches the deeply impressive $400million mark domestically.  This is now the third highest grossing movie of ALL TIME for Warner Brothers.


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