Scaramucci Ramps Up Leak Attack, Wants Feds to Target Reince Priebus???


The new White House Communications Director is having a hard time getting his point across accurately.

Apart from his sartorial obsession the main thing Anthony Scaramucci, the incoming White House Communications Director, has been known for is his quest to stop all administration leaks. That job has become immediately active, even before Scaramucci has taken the post.


What has Mooch in this dander is a report made by Politico, concerning his financial details. With a net worth of approximately $85 million, he has revenues coming in from the sale of an investment firm he started, as well as $5 million in salary from the neighboring Export-Import Bank. He also owns numerous investment properties in Long Island, and even has a minority stake in the New York Mets.

Following these revelations Scaramucci Tweeted out a stern, yet cryptic, announcement Wednesday evening:


The attachment of Reince Priebus’ Twitter handle had many questioning if this meant he was the accused leaker of this information. That was later confirmed to be the case from Ryan Lizza.


These are items that will eventually become public, and the article in question is based upon an official government document from the Office of Government Ethics. (OGE). The issue at hand would be one of timing.

But the question, then, is: If this is essentially public disclosure information, is Scaramucci claiming someone committed a felony by the public information being released too early? The OGE report would be public information. Alleging someone committed a felony for leaking a report that is to be imminently released appears a strong wording. Politico, meanwhile, seemed to hedge on the matter, stating that “The disclosure form hasn’t been previously reported.”

This particular financial disclosure is made public 30 days after the initial filing. The New York Times detailed that Scaramucci filed his financials on June 23, which means the OGE report would have become available four days ago.


Hints of subterfuge in regards to the man he replaced was also detailed by Politico:

Ex-Im was seen as a “very temporary move,” a way to get the Trump loyalist to Washington until a higher-level position could be found, according to one White House adviser. The bank is across the street from the White House, where Scaramucci was free to come and go thanks to security credentials that gave him 24-hour access. That allowed him to elude the detection of senior White House staffers, including chief of staff Reince Priebus.

As a result, this first anti-leak salvo by Scaramucci will not be upheld by the Feds. Given the target, and the fact this is over information that ultimately is publicly disclosed, he seemed to be overreaching. Mooch deleted his initial Tweet, and later revised his stance. Possibly sensing his impetuousness, Scaramucci offered this explanation:




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