The New Muerte Couture: Planned Parenthood Gets Fashionable


As Kira detailed earlier, actress Lena Dunham is auctioning off the probable nasal discharge-polluted togs she wore the night Hillary was concussed by the glass ceiling. Dunham pledging the proceeds to Planned Parenthood I guess makes this dose of self congratulating publicity worthwhile.


This is becoming a new trend of sorts it seems. Recently the company Studio 71 announced it would be producing a new lipstick meant to help out the nation’s largest infant abattoir:

The media company Studio 71 created the exclusive Planned Parenthood lipstick for its Lipstick Lobby arm, TubeFilter reports. Indie retailer Opening Ceremony is selling the lipstick, and the proceeds benefit the abortion group.

Yes, fashionistas can adorn their lips with a disturbing cause attached to their vanity. If that is not bad enough, Elle Magazine further explains things in the  most tone-deaf of ways.

The lipstick can be picked up online for a $19 (around £14.70), with 100% of the profits going to the much needed charity.

Side note: It’s also vegan and cruelty free – so much yes.

So there you have it. while supporting the cause that will ensure the death of innocent infants you can do so with the comfort that no animals experienced discomfort as a result of testing procedures.

When looking your best it is important to do so without experiencing misplaced guilt!


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