After Resenting Southern Voters, Hollywood Suddenly Wants to Influence a Georgia House Race




Why are celebrities in California so interested in an otherwise nondescript Congressional district election in Georgia and an unknown Jon Ossoff?


Think back to when Donald Trump won the election last November. No, check that — think back, to when Hillary lost. The media, in their desire to understand how a Clinton victory went from a slam-dunk to a face-plant, looked for explanations.

Recall the pundits, who came out by saying this was the result of the resentful and fearful voters, noted the blue collar and southern regions. Sexism and racism were cited, and resentment towards the attitude that led to a Hillary defeat was very tangible. Those racist rubes cost Hillary the election! Now suddenly prominent Democrats are interested in those Southern voters.

What is at issue is the special election in the Georgian 6th district, where a seat was vacated when Tom Price was tabbed for a cabinet position in Trump’s administration. Democrats, and Hollywood, have lurched at the chance to turn this seat Blue. Ossoff is an unproven entity who never held office, but Democrats have tabbed him as the name to choose, and Hollywood has arrived.

Some of the names who have donated to Ossoff’s campaign are Kristen Bell, Jon Cryer, Rosie O’Donnell, Jessica Lange, and Jane Fonda.

One celebrity donor who shared her wisdom was Chelsea Handler. She was so plugged into the machinations of this election she couldn’t get the date of the vote correct. She promptly implored people should go out to the polls – last week.


Samuel L. Jackson even went further, taking out radio spots in the area. He  paraphrases his famed line from “Pulp Fiction”, stating “We have to channel the great vengeance and fury we have for this administration into votes at the ballot box.”

That line actually says everything about this particular election. It is entirely regarded by Democrats as a referendum on President Trump. In all the social media heat and media smoke generated there is little — practically nothing — being said in support of Jon Ossoff. He has worked as a political staffer, and he once shot a documentary film. As has been discovered, he does not even live within the district he wants to represent.

Ultimately it will not matter to Democrats. Nobody is rallying behind the candidate. This is entirely about being a reflection on the White House. No one is voting for Ossoff; they are merely voting against Trump.

The entire reason this is even a consideration is the makeup of this special election. The setup is an open vote for all candidates, and if anyone gets 50% they win; otherwise, the top two candidates have a runoff. Ossoff has this chance because while the Democrats anointed him alone the GOP had a field of eleven candidates splitting the vote. The runoff will not be nearly as easy in the conservative district.


What you had was a push by the Democrats and Hollywood sympathizers to game the system, and say it was a statement against the President. Ossoff has raised close to $9 million. The entire story can be told by a lone statistic: of his record total donations haul, 95% of that money came from outside of Georgia.

On election night Ossoff gave a speech decrying his opponents’ reliance on PAC donations. He has collected $1 million from a PAC run by Daily Kos. That sum alone doubles the entire donations his runoff opponent Karen Handel has taken in.

During election night coverage CNN’s Don Lemon described this Georgia House seat as one “Republicans desperately want to hold on to.” Once you look at the amount of money being spent, and the full PR push being undertaken by numerous celebrities across social media, I think it is quite obvious which party is acting desperately.


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