'Calm and Steady' Joe Biden Flips His Lid on a Reporter During Senility Filled Trip

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If you listen to Jill Biden, she'll tell you that her husband is good to go for another term. Appearing on "Good Morning America," the first lady did her best to dress up Joe Biden's disastrous tenure, calling him "calm and steady," among several other laughable contentions. 


Here's what that sounded like, and it'll become highly relevant in a moment so keep reading. 

As RedState reminded everyone on Wednesday, nothing could be further from the truth. Biden is hot-tempered and prone to wild swings politically depending on what his base says on any given day. The last thing he provides is a calm, steady hand guiding the nation. He's also a congenital liar, making claims of his supposed character and integrity highly suspect.

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Maybe Biden was trying to make his wife look ridiculous, or perhaps he's just unable to control himself at this point, but he quickly made her eat her words on the tarmac in Pennsylvania. 


So calm. So steady. Can you feel the norms being restored at this very moment, watching the president berate a reporter he could have just ignored? You'll notice he didn't answer the question. Just an oversight, I'm sure. Thankfully, we've got a press corps ready and willing to defend their own. I'm sure a statement will be put out condemning Biden any millennia now. 

Can we talk about how he looks as well? What an awkward scene. You could feel the tension, as those around him forced a few fake laughs out and tried to play off what was happening around them. It was like Biden had been transported back to grade school. Did he even know where he was at that point? Certainly, his physical appearance as he hurled his silly insults was worrying, to say the least. 

I mean, come on. Does this man look or sound well to you?

That was just one clip of many he produced while pandering to the black vote in Pennsylvania. It was a banner day for the president's senility, and that's saying something.


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We are all supposed to pretend this is just normal, though. Don't pay attention to the angry, slurring elephant in the room. You see, Donald Trump is a "threat to democracy," thus, you must doom the nation to another four years of failed politics and international embarrassment at the hands of an 82-year-old Biden. 

If the press had an honest bone in its collective body, they'd be doing deep dives into the president's failing health for the good of the country. But hey, maybe we can get another investigative report on the pine tree flag. 


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