DISGUSTING: Hamas Releases Propaganda Video of American Hostage Missing His Arm

AP Photo/Adel Hana

Hamas has released a propaganda video featuring one of the American hostages it holds. In it, Hersh Goldberg-Polin is seen reading a pre-prepared script blaming Israel for October 7th and everything that has transpired since. 


Golberg-Polin was taken captive at the Nova Music festival that Hamas attacked, slaughtering hundreds of people in the process. He can be seen missing his arm in the video, an injury he sustained that day at the hands of the terrorists after they threw grenades into a shelter he was in.

There's no question Goldberg-Polin was forced to read that statement under duress. You can tell by how specific some of the talking points are. For example, how would he know how many other hostages were supposedly killed by airstrikes? How would he know how the ground war in Gaza is going? These are all things Hamas told him to say to push their propaganda.

It's the lowest form of humanity that does that to a victim like Goldberg-Polin. I haven't looked, but I'd assume the pro-Hamas accounts on social media are running with this and claiming it's an authentic representation. 


None of this is unexpected given what has transpired in the United States over the last week. Hamas has been emboldened by what they see as a ground swell of direct support from the far-left. College campuses have been taken over and violence has broken out against Jews all while American politicians actually defend what's happening. Hamas knows that its only path to survival is for Israel to not take Rafah, and they are pressing every button to prevent it. 

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Frankly, this video should only cause Israel to fight harder. This has to end, and it can't end if Hamas is allowed to retain control. They have rejected every ceasefire proposal in favor of continuing to hold the hostages because they have no intention of ever releasing them. That's a hard pill to swallow, but the only way out of this is to take Rafah by force and put an end to Hamas once and for all. 


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