Joe Biden's Narcissism Devolves Into Sociopathy at Baltimore Bridge Collapse Site

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Joe Biden made a short trip to Baltimore on Friday before heading off to Delaware for another long vacation weekend. While there, he visited the site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, which occurred after a container ship lost power and hit one of the support structures. 


As the president's public appearances go, his latest was typical. Biden slurred his words and got confused multiple times, both things that seem to occur every time he gives a speech. If he ever figures out how to exit a stage, it'll be the first time in a long time. 

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There was one moment that caught my eye, though, because it exposed something deeper than the president's general senility and lack of timing.

This was not just a harmless infrastructure failure. Six people died after the bridge collapsed, with some bodies being found in vehicles submerged at the bottom of the bay after an extensive search. Biden was at the site of a deadly tragedy. What kind of person shows up in that setting and starts giving a bad comedy routine? Further, what kind of person then makes up a story in an attempt to make themselves the center of attention? 


Biden not only displays all the classic signs of being a narcissist, he's descended into outright sociopathy. This is a man who feels nothing unless a situation is about himself and his concerns. That's why he always brings up his son who died from cancer (which he did at the bridge site), when empathy is required towards others. He can't produce it on his own, so he has to point the spotlight back on himself.

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Was the Biden family full of "watermen" who traveled around Baltimore Bay in the mid-1800s? I don't know. Given the president's rolodex of tall tales, some of which he repeats over and over, I'd guess there's little truth to the claim, but even if there was a historical record of such, who cares? What does that have to do with the six people who lost their lives, and what is relevant about how Biden's father supposedly pronounced Baltimore? The answer is that no one cares, and that it's not relevant.


It's completely tone-deaf to show up at the site of a tragedy and start telling dumb, self-centered jokes. Biden does it because it's all he can do. This is who he is. He's a narcissist and a sociopath, unable to produce real empathy. It's why he always comes across as completely unhinged when he attempts to feign righteous anger about a situation that doesn't center on him. Biden doesn't really care. He just knows he's supposed to act like he cares. 

Couple that self-centered inauthenticity with his senility, and you get what you got in Baltimore. It's a national embarrassment. 



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