The Fani Willis Scandal Is So Much Bigger Than Trump

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Is any public figure having a worse start to the year than Fani Willis? 

The once-lauded Fulton County prosecutor was billed as the savior of "democracy" not too long ago. The press were writing glowing profiles of her, supposing that her sheer girth of courage and expertise would ensure Donald Trump would never come near the White House again. She was going to put the former president in jail, avenging aggrieved Democrats and proving she was not a woman to be messed with. 


That was the plan, at least, and you know what they say about plans.

Early in 2024, in an astonishing turn of events, it was revealed that Willis had committed adultery with an underling whom she hired with taxpayer money to help work the Trump case. Nathan Wade, the man in question, was allegedly paid higher than the market rate, raking in over $500,000. To compound the scandal, he used that money to take Willis on lavish vacations, going so far as to put expenses on his business credit card. 

During the recent hearings on her misconduct, Willis claimed that she paid Wade back. The proof? There is none. According to Willis, she used a horde of cash she keeps at her home, but not a single receipt or bank statement has been produced to prove any transfer of money was made. Things have gotten so bad that both Wade and Willis are now facing discipline from the Georgia State Bar, but that may be the least of their worries.


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What started as a prosecution of Trump has become its own story, and it can't be ignored. Even if the former president weren't involved, this would still be a major scandal. A top prosecutor in one of America's largest cities was funneling cash to a married man she was sleeping with and then going on vacations paid for by that money. Forget disbarment. We could be talking about removal from office and even criminal charges for Willis at some point in the future. 

The arrogance demonstrated by Willis has been simply astounding. She truly thought she was going to get away with pursuing the political prosecution of a former president despite having a closet full of skeletons. Instead, Willis has become the epitome of Democrat corruption, and her hubris has led her into a corner she won't easily escape. 

I don't know whether the judge overseeing her possible disqualification will do the right thing. The last time Willis was caught up in a scandal, she only got a strong rebuke. I'm not sure it matters, though. Because she has been so thoroughly exposed, her continued participation in the case only serves to help Trump. You can already feel the consternation among the broader left, many of whom are hoping she steps aside before the prosecution fully collapses. 


With all that said, Georgia's attorney general, who is a Republican, should already be deep into an investigation of Willis' finances. There's no excuse to let her off the hook. Trump should not factor in any decision of whether to go after her or not. It sure seems like she funneled taxpayer money back to herself through a man she was having an affair with, and if Willis gets away with that, then there will be no doubt two tiers of justice exist. 


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