Joe Biden Gives an Ultimatum to Greg Abbott, 'Pound Sand' Is the Proper Answer

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Joe Biden, or more likely his handlers, levied an ultimatum on Thursday, demanding that Gov. Greg Abbott relinquish control of the "disputed" border areas Texas has been securing. That came after 25 states joined together to pledge their support to Abbott as he battles the federal government and its refusal to enforce immigration laws. 


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The date for the demand is set for Friday, January 26th, with the Biden administration saying it wants full access to Shelby Park, a boat launch, and the international bridge.

REPORTER: As it stands right now, you might be able to make out behind me, Texas' razor wire is still here inside of Shelby Park. It remains untouched. However, the Biden administration has now warned Texas it has until tomorrow to allow Biden's border agents back into Shelby Park and the ability to remove Texas' razor wire as it sees fit. 

A federal attorney writes to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Biden administration, ending a temporary restraining order that prohibited Biden's border agents from touching Texas razor wire in and around Shelby Park. Now, the Biden administration goes into detail about the access it wants. It wants access to Shelby Park, also the nearby boat launch, and the international bridge.

The federal attorney being quoted is reading more into the Supreme Court's ruling than exists. The ruling simply lifted an injunction that stopped the federal officials from cutting the razor wire. The ruling did not say that Texas must allow federal officials access to the areas where the razor wire is. That is now going to be the point of this conflict going forward, and it will likely take another court ruling to settle the matter. 


Abbott should stand tall on this. He's got absolutely nothing to lose. What is the Biden administration going to do? Open fire on the Texas National Guard if they don't clear out? The federal government has no leverage here and no ability to exact its will. Texas is holding Shelby Park and the other "disputed" areas, and they have no obligation to leave. 

It is insane that this is even an argument. The border crisis has reached horrific proportions, and the Biden administration is wasting its time and resources trying to cut razor wire laid out to stop illegal entries. Texas has a right to self-defense. It has a right to protect its territory. If the federal government refuses to do the job, that's on its leaders, not state officials who are just trying to do the common sense thing. 

In short, Abbott should tell Biden to pound sand.


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