CNN Reporter Fully Debases Herself During Kamala Harris Interview, 'Struck Just Being in Your Presence'

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There have been a lot of embarrassing, sycophantic moments between reporters and Democrat politicians throughout history, and press bias is hardly a new revelation. Some moments stand out more than others, though, and Laura Coates of CNN has just entered her submission to be one of the worst ever. 


In an astonishing exchange, Coates appeared to get choked up as she heaped praise on Kamala Harris. "I'm struck just being in your presence," she says, teeing up the vice president to claim it's because she's a woman.

COATES: I'm struck just in your presence, the, I was watching you on stage, watching the reactions from the crowd, looking you in the eye and the passion you were displaying and talking about so many issues, and yet, you hear candidates suggesting that a vote for President Biden because of his age is somehow a vote for you, and that is hurled as an insult. It's intended to demonstrate some negative viewpoint towards you. What is your reaction to this that with your background in particular, with your career, that there is some thought you are incapable?

Let me just stop this reporter right there. What exactly is so stunning about Harris' "background in particular?" We are talking about a woman who got her start in politics in an allegedly very questionable manner. She then road a wave of favoritism, parlaying that into a spot as the Attorney General of California. Was she good at that job? Not particularly, but as a U.S. Senator, she was even worse, becoming nothing more than a generic backbencher. 


That lack of a standout record and her naked ambition prompted her to run for president in 2019. I say 2019 and not 2020 because despite having a lead in the race early on, plenty of donor support, and a media apparatus in her corner, she still managed to not even make it to the actual election year. So again, I ask, what exactly in Harris' "background" and "career" is so astonishing that it should be getting Coates this worked up? 

The framing is clearly meant to convey that the only reason one might question the vice president's ability is bigotry. Harris was more than happy to play into that and in the most awkward manner possible. 

HARRIS: Well, I think that most women who have risen in their profession, who are leaders in their profession have had similar experiences. I was the first woman to be elected district attorney, I was the first woman to be elected Attorney General of the state of California, and I'm the first woman to be vice president.

(weirdly long pause)

...and I love my job (cackles). 

The ending to that clip plays as if she ran out of things to say. Regardless, I can assure her that the opposition to her leadership and personality has nothing to do with her being female. It has everything to do with her just being awful at her job and as a public voice for the nation. Heck, even the president's wife can't stand her. 


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So yeah, perhaps Coates should worry about being a little more professional because that interview was embarrassing. Is it any wonder CNN can't even outrate whatever they are calling The History Channel these days? 



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