REVEALED: Reuters and AP 'Journalists' Live-Streamed Themselves Encouraging Gazans to Invade Israel

AP Photo/Hassan Eslaiah

In an escalation of earlier reporting that showed multiple "journalists" working for the Associated Press and The New York Times participating in the October 7th attack on Israel, live-stream footage has now been uncovered that illustrates even more direct coordination with Hamas terrorists.


As RedState originally reported, Hassan Eslaiah, who was freelancing for CNN, Reuters, and the AP, filmed himself riding into Israel on October 7th carrying a grenade. Another "journalist" was also implicated, though the Times defended his work despite evidence he had advance knowledge of the attack. 

The claim from the Times was that these "journalists" had simply been caught up in quickly unfolding events and were merely trying to do their jobs. That claim has now been proven false. According to Honest Reporting, a UK media watchdog, two "journalists," both of whom did freelance work for the AP and Reuters at the time, live-streamed themselves showing off pictures of the atrocities, with one even bragging that he had helped take Israelis hostage. 

Abu Mostafa then tells people to cross the border into Israel, proclaiming it a one-in-a-lifetime event that won't happen again. All of this occurred as Hamas' murderous rampage was still in full swing. 

A Gaza photojournalist working for international media called on residents of the coastal enclave to cross the border into Israel on October 7, after Hamas terrorists had breached it, an HonestReporting investigation has found.

Mohammed Fayq Abu Mostafa, a freelancer who has been working for Reuters, made the comments while excitedly displaying footage of Hamas atrocities on an Instagram Live hosted in Gaza by another photojournalist, Ashraf Amra.


Amra can be seen laughing and smiling while Abu Mostafa presented footage of the lynching of an Israeli soldier.

Abu Mostafa went on to say: “We were there two hours ago, since the beginning.”

He detailed what he saw at the border and deep inside Israel, in Sderot. He described breaking into a room where Israelis were hiding before being taken by Hamas terrorists.

He then called on people to cross into the sovereign Jewish state: “Advice, whoever can go – go. It is a one-time event that will not happen again.”

And Amra replies: “Really, it will not repeat itself.”


This is a massive scandal that will unfortunately never be treated as such. American news agencies were paying these men to participate in terrorist acts against innocent people. In fact, as mentioned in the report, one of Reuters' "photos of the year" was the picture of an Israeli soldier being dragged out of a tank and lynched. The guy on that video bragging about participating in that act was paid for his photo of it. 

As has been said many times, there are no journalists in Gaza. There are simply terrorist sympathizers who are allowed to cosplay as journalists. These two men are examples, but they are hardly the only examples. Hamas does not allow freedom of the press, and it is insane that major outlets like the AP and Reuters pretend otherwise. 


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