Leftwing Cancel Culture Devours Its Own, and the Cries for Help Are Pathetic

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

Amidst a rash of antisemitism emanating from the left following the deadly terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7th, those who championed cancel culture are now being devoured by it. Somewhat surprisingly, corporations have decided that championing the largest slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust is a bridge too far. Most would consider that a justified standard. 


Yet, the same people who once lauded cancel culture as a necessary consequence are now demanding that conservatives come to their aid. Claims of hypocrisy are ringing out, claiming that because the right broadly opposed cancel culture, they should now go to bat for those who created it. 

Here are just two examples to make that point. 

So let me get this straight. The far-left has spent the last decade creating a system whereby political wrong-think is swiftly punished, including using advertiser boycotts as a chief weapon to take down conservative outlets, but the moment the alligator starts eating the one feeding it, I'm supposed to care? And not doing so makes me a "hypocrite?"


Where to even begin with that. We could start with the fact that a corporation not wanting promoters of genocide on their payroll is not even really cancel culture. No one who was previously against the de-platforming and firing of those with differing political opinions (i.e. most on the right) thought that standard included protections for the supporting of terrorists who butcher babies. Obviously, there are and always have been legitimate lines that can be crossed. That is one of them while wearing a MAGA hat is not. This isn't complicated.

Regardless, even if people being fired for their pro-Hamas views was a legitimate example of cancel culture, I still wouldn't care. I'll wear the title of hypocrite if I must because it's far more important that the far left be made to play by their own rules. The worst-case scenario for everyone would be to have a society that cancels people on the right for ten-year-old tweets they've apologized for but doesn't cancel people on the left for cheering on terrorists in the present day. 

In other words, I'm perfectly fine with people like this reaping what they sow. 


There are a lot of problems in the country that conservatives need to deal with. Saving leftists from their own pet monsters isn't one of them. Perhaps some lessons will be learned, but more likely, if the right were to actually help, it wouldn't be reciprocated in any fashion whatsoever. So what's the point? Why should any conservative go to bat for a left-winger getting canceled for their antisemitism? The answer is that they shouldn't, and the cries for help are pathetic. This is what the Democratic Party wanted, and they should get it.



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