Palestinian Leadership Now Begging the UN for Help, and the Response Is Already Telling

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Following the deadliest attack on Jews since the Holocaust, the Gaza Strip now faces the full wrath of the Israeli military. But despite starting the conflict by raping, torturing, and murdering people in the streets (and filming it) as part of a planned invasion of Israel, Palestinian leaders are falling back on an old mainstay: Begging the United Nations for help


In a call with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Abbas reportedly asked the U.N. to “immediately intervene” to stop the ongoing “Israeli aggression,” Palestinian news agency WAFA reported Monday night. 

Abbas urged Guterres and the U.N. to “carry out its duties recognized by international legitimacy and provide international protection for the Palestinian people,” WAFA reported. 

Abbas’s request comes after Israel’s defense minister ordered a “complete siege” on the Gaza Strip as Israel ramps up its counteroffensive against Palestinian militant group Hamas, which launched a deadly incursion into Israel over the weekend. 

This is what the Palestinians do, and to be fair, they do it because it works. Hamas, the elected leadership in the Gaza Strip, carried out the most barbaric attack on Jews since the Holocaust. It doesn't matter what one thinks of the situation between Israel and the Palestinian territories or how one side or the other could have done things differently to this point. If one side murders upwards of a thousand people in cold blood on camera as part of a literal invasion and then cheers in the streets, there will be retribution. There's no way around that. 


What the Palestinian leadership wants is to be able to carry out grotesque terrorism and then call a time-out just before the total destruction of its offensive capabilities. They have gotten so used to the international community demanding "proportional" responses that they expect it to happen every time. 

And it looks like that might happen. The first official UN response to the conflict was a moment of silence for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and those who suffered violence "elsewhere." 

The UN Human Rights Council couldn't even bring itself to utter the name "Israel" during its acknowledgment of the violence even though more Israelis have been killed (to this point), and it was the Palestinians who were the aggressors. It's absurd, and it's another reason the UN serves no purpose whatsoever. 

As to what Abbas wants, despite crossing what was clearly a redline, he's still demanding a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. 


According to WAFA, Abbas also reiterated his argument that the only solution to the escalation in the region includes ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.

In other words, not only does he not want to pay any price for the massacring of Israelis, Americans, Germans, and others, but he wants to be rewarded by wiping out the historical Jewish claim to its most holy city. 

The answer should obviously be no, but you can bet the UN will disagree. We are going to get the same ridiculous theatrics we always get, with a lack of acknowledgment of what Hamas did while lecturing Israel on human rights. 



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