CONFIRMED: Iran Planned and 'Green-Lit' Murderous Hamas Attacks on Israel

Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP

A new report is shedding light on how Hamas managed to pull off its violent invasion of Israel on Saturday. Possibly thousands are dead in the wake of the Palestinian terror spree, in which women and children were indiscriminately murdered in the streets. 


Before the dust settled -- and it's about to get kicked up again in the Gaza Strip as Israel plans a retaliatory strike to behead Hamas -- many were wondering just how such an attack could have been pulled off. Clearly, intelligence resources were involved, and the multitude of weaponry, including thousands of rockets, was not produced by the Palestinians. 

Now, we have an answer. Despite denials from the Biden administration, Iran was behind the attack, to the point of helping plan it and giving the green light for it to proceed. 

At this point, anyone denying Iran's involvement might as well proclaim that the sky is not blue. Iran's own Supreme Leader came out and praised Hamas' attack as it was occurring. Now, we have further confirmation, including from Hezbollah, Iran's chief anti-Israel terror militia, that Iran was directly behind planning and pulling the trigger on the invasion. 

Naturally, that is a fact that Joe Biden doesn't want to deal with given he has spent the entirety of his term lifting sanctions on and giving money to Iran. It is beyond obvious that without the White House's support, Iran would have been severely restricted in what material support it could provide to Hamas. Unfortunately, as Iran's economy was on the verge of collapse (and possibly its Islamist regime), the Biden administration saved them. Tens of billions of dollars have flowed into the Ayatollah's coffers as a result of renewed oil sales and the unfreezing of assets. 


The left-wing obsession with helping Iran goes back to the Obama administration, and many of the same players are now serving under Biden. That includes current National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, one of the chief architects of the disastrous Iran deal. The pursuit to revive that deal has led to many concessions being made to the Iranians, and the results are what we see on the ground in Israel. 

This can't continue as the status quo. Israel is going to have to strike a blow in due time, and the United States will likely have no say in the matter. The Biden administration's actions are shameful, and they have helped perpetuate the massacre of women and children. That blood is partially on their hands. There is already an attempt underway to obfuscate that, but the truth is out of the bottle, and it's not going back in.


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