Bumbling Biden Leaves Nothing but Confusion After He Denounces His Own Border Wall Construction

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

As RedState reported, the Biden administration recently announced the construction of a new section of border wall. That represents a sharp turnaround from the president's previous proclamations and a vivid admission of just how terrible his immigration policies have been. 


The move drew sharp rebukes from true believers like Beto O'Rourke, but it's now an open question whether Biden even knows what his administration is doing. During a presser on Thursday, the president sure seemed confused as to who was even in charge. 

Border walls obviously work. They are not a silver bullet that solves the entirety of the illegal immigration problem, but a 30-foot barrier is harder to cross than an open stretch of border. The largest caravans aren't wading through the Rio Grande River because it's somehow harder to climb the walls that exist in other sectors. That should be self-evident to anyone who isn't either really dumb or really dishonest. You can decide which Biden is being in that first clip.


Regardless, that second clip is really something. For context, it was Biden's own administration that waived the environmental regulations necessary to restart construction on the wall. It was not a matter of what was appropriated from Congress tying the White House's hands. Construction was halted until an affirmative move was made by the Department of Homeland Security, which the president constitutionally has complete control over. Biden is basically admitting he's not in charge of his own administration, which should concern everyone given his demonstrated mental state. 

And speaking of his demonstrated mental state, as you'd expect, that was on display during this presser.


Biden's new Joint Chiefs Chairman is literally sitting in front of him. He's in uniform, and the president still couldn't figure out what department he works for. But hey, at least you could largely understand what he was saying so that's progress, I suppose. 

Back to the border wall, it's just ludicrous for the administration to try to thread the needle of building the border wall while disowning their own construction of it. Everyone knows that not another foot would be built if Biden didn't allow it to happen, and it's happening because the border is an abject disaster. The only other explanation is that he's a powerless figurehead. The White House is welcome to run with that if they'd like. 


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