More Confirmation That Joe Biden Is the 'Big Guy' Emerges, and It's From an Impeccable Source

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One of the earliest pieces of evidence showing that Joe Biden was involved in his son's nefarious foreign business dealings just received another bit of confirmation. 


According to a new report, Frank Biden, the president's brother, referred to him as the "Big Guy" multiple times while working for an industrial manufacturing company called Federal Signal Corporation.

Frank Biden, President Joe Biden’s youngest brother, was “hired by the Illinois-based industrial manufacturing firm Federal Signal Corp. to help connect the company with Florida lawmakers,” the Journal reported. “During a weekly call, Frank Biden, 69 years old, would frequently interrupt the meeting and say he had to take a call from ‘the Big Guy,’ as he put it.”

Frank Biden would say, “I’ve got to put you on hold, the Big Guy is calling me,” Matthew Brady, a Federal Signal employee, recalled of prior conversations, the Journal reported. “I thought, ‘OK, great, your brother is the vice president.'”

It's hard to think of a more impeccable source as to whether Joe Biden was the "Big Guy" than his own brother. Democrats have long claimed that Hunter Biden's infamous mention was just the result of a drug addict speaking out of turn while being showered with his father's love. Frank Biden wasn't a drug addict, though, at least as far as we know. Yet, it appears that it was commonplace for Joe Biden to be called the "Big Guy" not just by his son, but by others as well.

That adds further context to Hunter Biden's email in which he stated that "10 percent" of the money made from a deal with CEFC Energy, a CCP-linked company, needed to be put aside for the "Big Guy." It belabors belief, at this point, that someone other than Joe Biden was being referenced. 


Whether that means there is a bank record of a payment to the president somewhere, I don't know. In fact, I'd suspect that's unlikely as you'd expect the Bidens to be very careful about creating that kind of paper trail. All those shell companies weren't created for no reason. 

Besides, there are many ways to funnel money to someone other than writing them a check. I suspect that's what happened with Joe Biden. He provided the brand while his son collected the cash. From there, all it would take was Hunter Biden paying his father's expenses in some fashion to have a transfer of the money. 

On the other hand, maybe there is a paper trail given that there's still about $5 million in "unexplained income" that Joe Biden made prior to becoming president. Certainly, there's enough smoke here to keep digging, and the excuses being provided by Democrats and the media are becoming more and more laughable. 


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