Biden Administration Makes Unbelievable Move to Re-Employ James Clapper and John Brennan

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Remember James Clapper and John Brennan? It's easy to forget given how much has transpired since both men consistently led the news throughout the Trump administration. At one time, though, their involvement in Crossfire Hurricane, otherwise known as the Russia collusion investigation was really big news. 


For those less initiated, here's a quick refresher. Clapper was Barack Obama's DNI and has been credibly accused of lying to Congress. Meanwhile, Brennan is Obama's former CIA Director and has been credibly accused of doing the same. Both men lived on cable news after Trump's inauguration, making all kinds of wild, unsubstantiated claims related to nefarious Russian collusion supposedly committed by the former president.

Then, in 2020, the two men reentered the spotlight as the most notable signatories of a now infamous intel letter that claimed the Hunter Biden laptop story was "Russian disinformation." That was a completely false contention that was used to influence the outcome that year’s presidential election.

But while they've been quiet the last several years, both Clapper and Brennan are back. In an unbelievable move, the Biden administration has chosen to re-employ them as "experts" on a new Department of Homeland Security committee. 

Several former intelligence officials who signed a letter suggesting that the Hunter Biden laptop was likely a “Russian information operation” are joining a federal “expert” board handling issues of national security, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Tuesday.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan and former CIA Operations Officer Paul Kolbe, who will now serve on the board, all signed an October 2020 letter casting doubt on the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop and suggesting its release was a Russian disinformation ploy. The group will advise DHS on intelligence and national security efforts regarding issues such as “terrorism, fentanyl, transborder issues, and emerging technology,” DHS announced.


To summarize, two of the biggest failures in government over the last several decades are now going to be working within the federal government again. If that's not Washington in a nutshell, I don't know what is. 

Not surprisingly, there has been none and will be no accountability for former officials who lie repeatedly throughout their careers and post-careers. These men should be shunned. Instead, they are being recycled back into the government by the Biden administration without ever even having to deliver an apology. 

And really, who thinks that Clapper and Brennan have any actual expertise to offer in the area of transborder issues and terrorism? I don't recall any of them ever stumping to secure the border and Barack Obama's foreign policy was disastrous. As to emerging technologies, I can't think of anyone worse to consult on that than one man in his 80s and another pushing 70. 

Yet, here we are. Some of the worst actors to ever grace the federal government are going right back into positions of power and influence. What an absolutely terrible indictment against our nation.




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