The Press Aren't Even Trying to Hide the Ball on Joe Biden and the Trump Indictments

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

A day after explosive testimony was given by Devon Archer, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, directly connecting Joe Biden to his son’s foreign dealings, the DOJ dropped another indictment of Donald Trump.


That’s become the pattern, with every DOJ indictment of Trump being preceded the day before by a major revelation exposing the Biden family. I mean, they are going to run out of indictments to drop eventually, right?

I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence, though. Surely, the DOJ wouldn’t time its indictments of Trump, including how the schedule plays out into the 2024 election year, just to help Joe Biden win re-election. That’s just crazy talk.

Or is it? Because the press sure aren’t even trying to hide the ball at this point.

One headline reads “Donald Trump’s third criminal indictment has instantly remade the 2024 into a literal and figurative re-litigating of the 2020 election and the subsequent insurrection at the Capitol” while the other says “Trump’s bombshell, four-count indictment over his attempt to overturn the 2020 election monopolized media and political attention – overshadowing a string of not-so-great stories about Joe Biden.”


You don’t say? How completely unexpected and coincidental.

As I’ve suggested in the past, this has been the obvious plan all along. Speaking specifically about the latest indictment dealing with January 6th, there’s absolutely nothing new in it that has only come to light in the last six months. The DOJ could have brought those charges two years ago because much of the supposed evidence (text messages and testimony from Trump associates) was introduced by the January 6th committee back in 2021.

Instead of seeking to protect the integrity of his department, though, AG Merrick Garland sat on the investigation, waiting until nearly halfway through Biden’s presidency to even appoint a special counsel. That special counsel then waited a year to finally bring the charges announced on Tuesday, and what do you know, the timing just so happens to put a probable trial date right in the middle of the 2024 general election season.

Democrats and their allies in the press know exactly what they are doing. These indictments, whatever legal merits may be buried in them, are clearly timed to interfere in the upcoming election and provide cover for Joe Biden. Worse, no matter what happens going forward, the damage is already assured. There is no scenario where any of this plays out before the Republican primaries begin, and even if the trials don’t happen before the general election, the albatross will be hung around Trump’s neck if he’s the nominee.


In response, Republicans are stuck in an endless cycle of reacting, with Trump gaining primary support after every indictment even as his chances of winning the general election diminish. Meanwhile, on the other side, Democrats are prepping a well-funded machine to once again turn the nation’s attention to nothing but January 6th, and as bad as it was leading up to the last mid-terms, it’s going to be much worse this time.

Mainstream press outlets are a big part of that strategy, and they are happy to flaunt their involvement because what do they have to fear? Everything is going perfectly to plan as far as they are concerned.

It’s hard not to look at the current political environment and feel incredibly defeated. Democrats are weaponizing the government to set a trap heading into the 2024 election, and many Republicans feel they must walk into the trap because anything less would be giving in. How do you reconcile that to actually put the GOP in a position to win? Unfortunately, you probably don’t.



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