Karine Jean-Pierre Was Asked if Joe Biden Acknowledges His Granddaughter, and the Answer Chilled Me to the Core

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Because it’s 2023, you expect there to be a lot of really dumb political debates. That’s exacerbated by the fact that the White House is currently inhabited by a man suffering from severe senility. His degenerate son is also constantly around, fresh off receiving a sweetheart deal from the DOJ, and suckling at the taxpayer teat in order to live like a king.


But one argument you’d think wouldn’t need to take place is how many grandchildren the president has. Rather, you’d think that such a question would be easily answered given the quantifiable nature of it. How many children have Joe Biden’s children produced? The answer is seven. There you go. Simple, right?

Nothing is simple when it comes to the current administration, though, and there is no level to which its members won’t stoop in order to grasp some tenuous, perceived political advantage. So when Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s press secretary, was asked whether the president acknowledges his most recently born, seventh grandchild, the answer didn’t surprise me, but it also chilled me to my core.

There were already reports floating around that White House aides were being briefed that Biden only has six grandchildren. That alone was enough to make one’s stomach turn. What kind of human being orders a concerted messaging effort to disown his own granddaughter for no other reason than to appease a drug-addled retrograde son’s revenge fantasies? Joe Biden, that’s who.


I’m not only struck by how petty the White House’s strategy is but how pointless it is as well. What is gained by not publicly acknowledging one’s own granddaughter? Why would anyone want to continue to humiliate and harm a child in any context, much less this context? Even if the Bidens desire no relationship with their granddaughter, a disgusting revelation in and of itself, why pretend she doesn’t exist at all? Why order your press secretary to pretend it’s some grand mystery how many grandchildren you have?

I don’t get it, and perhaps I’m not meant to get it. Perhaps, though flawed as I may be, I’m simply not capable of understanding the level of evil that takes, and maybe I should be thankful for that. Still, I can’t help but wonder what in the world is going on. I can’t help but wonder, as Jill Biden parades herself around as a caring mother, deeply concerned for America’s children, how someone could be so stone-hearted. Certainly, I can’t listen to Joe Biden rattle on about the well-being of American children while his own press secretary dodges a question on whether he acknowledges his granddaughter.

“Decency” is a world that has been thrown around a lot over the last several years, with the press assuring the American public that the Bidens have it in spades. Does any of this seem “decent” to you, though? Or does it seem like one of the most cynical, disgusting things to ever emanate from a presidency?


Politics has always been a selfish domain. But have things really gotten this bad? And if they have, isn’t that all the reason in the world for a course correction? This isn’t just a story about an internal family matter. It’s a test of the very humanity of the man leading the country. He’s failed that test, and he should be held accountable.


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