WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Puts Joe Biden on a Spit and Roasts Him for Over Three Minutes

Screenshot via Fox News

As RedState reported, Joe Biden hasn’t had a good mid-June when it comes to demonstrating his mental acuity. The president’s handlers have taken a live-and-let-live approach, and multiple speeches have led to a mountain of evidence that Biden’s downfall is accelerating, and we haven’t even gotten to the questionable hug he gave Eva Longoria yet.


Greg Gutfeld, perhaps one of the few reasons to still tune into Fox News from time to time, hit the highlights in a hilarious monologue that stretched on for over three minutes.

If you’re looking for a little comedic relief after a grueling week of news, this delivers some hits.

Here’s a bit of what Gutfeld had to say.

GUTFELD: The president with no brain thinks we’re building an ocean train. It’s true, old Joe came up with an ingenious transportation plan this week. My god, I hope it’s not plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean.

(Plays clip of Biden saying that)

Get in trouble. Once again the president says out loud that other people are in charge. So a train across the Indian Ocean. What’s next? An elevator to Narnia? An escalator to Candyland? A beanstalk to Tyrace’s house?

Meantime, you better not ask him about his family’s wheeling and dealing with supermodels when they run out of Greg (laughter).


Later in the evening, Biden held a screening of Eva Longoria’s new movie Flaming Hot. I was really disappointed by the misleading title. Turns out it’s not about Natalie from Facts of Life. She’s still alive, I’m just saying the character doesn’t exist.

Anyway, the audience on the White House lawn featured many Hispanics, and to Joe’s dismay, they weren’t there to mow the grass. I know, I know. He’s a racist. On the bright side, no man flashed his breasts.

I wonder if Joe knows Eva for a long time.

(Plays video of Biden “joking” he’s known Eva Longoria since “she was 17 and I was 40”)

Ehh, I didn’t know Eva Longoria was 70. And then later, he went in for a hug that he held a little too long. Yeahhh (audience reacts to video). It’s probably payback for Dr. Jill slapping tongues with Doug Emhoff. But Eva had to remove his liver-spotted hands from her taut torso, and it’s not his fault, he thought she was an ice cream cone.


It continues from there, but my brain can only handle so much transcription at any given time.

Regardless, what else can you do but laugh? We have a president who isn’t in charge of his own administration and is obviously suffering through some stage of dementia. Better to tell a few jokes than focus on the reality that the nation is being driven over the cliff by a guy who couldn’t get hired as a manager at the fast food joint.

Unfortunately, humor only goes so far because Biden is “running” the most powerful country in the world with very predictable results. 2024 can’t get here soon enough, though Republicans seem intent on doing everything they can to keep their streak of blown elections going. So in the end, who’s really the butt of the joke?



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