Karine Jean-Pierre Flounders While Addressing the Topless Trans Incident at the White House

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

In keeping with the Biden administration’s much-talked-about restoring of the nation’s “norms,” the White House has now been turned into an adult-only entertainment venue. As RedState reported, one transgender Tik-Toker decided to go topless on Saturday during a very controversial “pride” event (for more reasons than one)


I won’t torture you by reposting the video, but rest assured, it was as ridiculously inappropriate as it sounds. It also led to immediate questions about just exactly what Biden was promoting in celebrating LGBT “pride.” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre floundered on Tuesday trying to explain the situation.

JEAN-PIERRE: Look, as you’ve mentioned in the statement that we put out, you heard from us earlier today, the behavior was simply unacceptable. We’ve been very clear about that, it was unfair to the hundreds of attendees who were there to celebrate their families. So, you know, we’re going to continue to be clearer on that, and that type of behavior is, as I said, unacceptable, it’s not appropriate, it’s disrespectful, and let’s not, it really does not reflect the event that we hosted to celebrate the LGBTQ+ families, again, hundreds of families who were here to celebrate their communities and were here in attendance. So, look, individuals of the video will certainly not be invited to future events, and this has not occurred before, right? This was not, this is not a normal thing that has happened under this administration, but we’ve been very clear how we saw this particular behavior.


Does that behavior really not reflect the event, though? Because from where I’m sitting, cases of indecent exposure seem to be commonplace at “pride” events all over the country. I’m not going to pretend that isn’t the case and that they are normally family-friendly. They aren’t, and that’s one big problem with the entire idea of “pride” month.

This person didn’t just show up at the White House. He was invited, and while Jean-Pierre is correct that this hasn’t happened before, that’s the problem. It had not happened before, and it only happened under the tutelage of Joe Biden. Shouldn’t we all be asking why that is? Is there something intrinsic about “pride” celebrations and left-wing transgender orthodoxy that lead to these disgusting displays?

The answer is, obviously, yes. No matter how hard Jean-Pierre tries to separate the White House from what occurred, they ultimately endorse it because you can’t disconnect “pride” from these deranged happenings. For years, Americans have been subjected to parades of men in thongs and bondage gear, sometimes simulating sex in public, all under the guise of “tolerance.” Why wouldn’t the aforementioned Tik-Tok influencer believe it’s fine for him to take his top off and flaunt his fake breasts? He’s probably shocked Jean-Pierre is even pushing back.


Maybe Biden’s just senile and doesn’t see what’s actually going on, but I think that lets him off too easy. He has adopted the most radical views of the left, including those surrounding transgenderism, and he’s now using the power of the state to promote it. It’s grotesque, and the rest of the world has to be laughing at the United States, especially those nations with an adversarial posture. I’m embarrassed for my country. We should be better than this, but right now, we aren’t. And that’s a sad testament to how far things have devolved.


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