Jimmy Kimmel Tries to Dunk on Tucker Carlson, Thoroughly Beclowns Himself Instead

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Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News continues to be a major story, and left-wingers are wasting no time getting their shots in.

The hosts of the detestable, low-IQ daytime program The View celebrated wildly upon hearing the news while those on CNN, despite having their own high-profile firing in Don Lemon on the same day (though, no one even remembers at this point), could hardly contain their glee. They had finally gotten him, at least in their minds.


Enter Jimmy Kimmel, the far-left pope of late-night television. He apparently thought it’d be really clever to try to dunk on Carlson for releasing a short update video on his situation. All Kimmel managed to do, though, was beclown himself by showing the utter contempt he has for normal Americans.

What’s so ironic about Kimmel’s silly slam is that it does nothing but prove Carlson’s point. If you watched the former Fox News host’s video update, he explained how out-of-touch the current media sphere is with the mere normals in the country. Discussions of topics that people actually care about are shunned while the press actively seeks to censor those who dare break from the Washington consensus.


Mainstream media members, including late-night television hosts who spend most of their time trying to double as political commentators, are coastal elites who have no concept of how most Americans live. In fact, they despise you and everything you stand for. Whether it’s your religion, your disposition, your location, your politics, or your penchant for enjoying Cracker Barrel every once in a while, they sneer at you with contempt. You are below them, and they want you to know it.

I’ve got bad news for Kimmel, though. While his ratings continue to flounder, Carlson is going to come back with a bigger audience and more impact than he ever had while existing within the confines of corporate cable news. Left-wingers might think about not celebrating the demise of a giant who clearly isn’t dead. That is if they don’t want to look really stupid in the end. It’s just a matter of time before Carlson starts his new endeavor, and when he does, he’ll be going viral every night just like he always has. If anything, Fox News was holding him back. An unleashed Carlson will only be more powerful.


So let Kimmel take his shots, I suppose, and he can belittle Americans who’d dare enjoy some reasonably priced pancakes (that taste pretty decent to boot). But all he’s doing is showing that Carlson was right all along about him and everyone else on the left. The mainstream media keep telling you they are garbage, and you should believe them. It’s an institution full of unimpressive mediocrities who couldn’t muster an original thought if they tried. The more they snipe at Carlson, the bigger he will become.


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