Dylan Mulvaney Cost Bud Light, Now He Wants Journalists Arrested

Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Dylan Mulvaney has already cost Bud Light what is assumed to be millions of dollars (17 percent drop in sales), but he’s not done causing chaos yet.

The transgender “influencer” entered into the broader public eye after Joe Biden invited him to the White House back in 2022. Think about that. A president who hasn’t done a challenging interview since he took office found time to receive softballs from a grown man who pretends to be a prepubescent girl.


But I digress. Mulvaney has been propped up by corporate America despite only claiming to be a “girl” for a little over a year. He’s got endorsement deals with companies like Nike, Ulta, and Tampax (I don’t even want to know how that works). He’s even had actress Drew Barrymore literally bow before him in some kind of hilarious reversal of feminism.

Naturally, all that means that Mulvaney is as emboldened as ever, and now he’s calling for journalists to be arrested for the supposed crime of “misgendering” him in articles.

The clip is short, so perhaps there’s some broader context here. I’d struggle to imagine what Mulvaney could otherwise be saying, though, that would make what’s in the video acceptable. He clearly says that it should be illegal to call him a “he” in news articles like the one you’re reading now.

That’s not surprising because at the center of transgender ideology is the beating heart of authoritarianism. We are so far past the “we just want to be left alone” framing used during the gay marriage debate that it seems like an eternity ago. Transgender ideology is a completely different animal that demands absolute subservience and affirmation from everyone who interacts with it.


It’s not enough for a person to take a libertarian approach to transgenderism. Doing that still gets one labeled a bigot and shunned. Instead, the demand is that you must actively participate in promoting the lie that men can become women, women can become men, and that some have no gender at all. Never mind all the other nonsensical “genders” being claimed as reality.

The truth is, those calling Dylan Mulvaney a man are not “misgendering” him. They are gendering him based on an accurate reading of objective reality. Yet, we are quickly approaching the point where speaking the simple truth risks criminal liability. That’s already happening in places like the United Kingdom, and it’s just a matter of time before the scourge of criminalization reaches American shores.

There is no middle ground to be found when it comes to transgender ideology. I know there are some on the right who find it easier to dismiss it as a matter of personal freedom for adults, only focusing on protecting children and stopping biological males from competing in women’s sports. And while those things are incredibly important, the issue goes so much deeper than that. You can’t just go halfway in opposing transgender ideology. It’s something that is either opposed in its entirety as a statement of truth, or it will consume society.



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