Marjorie Taylor Greene Nails Eric Swalwell in Hearing, Mass Outrage Ensues

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene hit Rep. Eric Swalwell where it hurt the most during a hearing on Wednesday, causing mass outrage among Democrats in the chamber.

After Swalwell finished a lecture attacking Republicans as anti-Semitites, Greene took the microphone and accused him of having a “sexual relationship with a Chinese spy.” That sent things off the rails as the chair of the committee weighed whether to strike the words from the record.


After Greene’s remark, Rep. Daniel Goldman, who has had a checkered start to his congressional career (including insulting a mother whose son was murdered in New York City), moved to have the words struck from the record. When the Republican chairman accepted the motion and asked Goldman to state what he wanted to be struck, he refused at first, instead saying “everything” that Greene said. For reasons that are easy to ascertain, he didn’t want the truthfulness of the actual allegation addressed.

Goldman was then further pressed until he stated that he wanted the “accusations of an affair with a Chinese spy, those are engaging in personalities and those words should be taken down, and the gentlelady should not be able to speak anymore in this hearing.”


The chairman quickly shot down the latter request, noting that it would not be proper to ban Greene from speaking for the rest of the hearing. He did ask if she wanted to retract her words, at which point she answered that she did not. Finally, following many more minutes of deliberation, the chair ruled that the words would not be stricken, at which point Rep. Benny Thompson (who was an infamous part of the January 6th committee), stated that he was “appalled” by Greene’s accusation.

What’s more appalling? Greene stating that Swalwell had an affair with a Chinese spy, or the fact that much evidence points to it actually happening? Democrats don’t want to go there for obvious reasons.

And while the back and forth is entertaining enough, shouldn’t the big question be whether Swalwell did sleep with a Chinese spy? The story is not made up. In fact, many mainstream outlets reported on the alleged affair at the time the news broke. Further, as far as I can tell, Swalwell has played coy since things went public, refusing to pointedly deny the allegation while relying on friendly press members to lay cover for him. For example, back in 2021, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Swalwell but never actually asked him directly whether he had a sexual relationship with Fang Fang, the Chinese spy in question.


Swalwell has long posed a security risk, and once Republicans took back the House, he lost his coveted spot on the intelligence committee. That was well-deserved given how wrapped up he was with a known Chinese spy. The sexual relationship is almost secondary at that point, though still important. Regardless, until Swalwell is willing to provide some real answers, pointing out his highly questionable past is fair game. Greene was just the first with the guts to do it in a hearing.


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