SFSU Student Association Makes Unbelievable Demand After Riley Gaines Assault

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The fallout from the assault of Riley Gaines on the campus of San Francisco State University continues. The latest development involves a letter sent by the school’s student association making a simply unbelievable demand.


As RedState reported, Gaines was assaulted by a man in a dress after she delivered a speech on the importance of protecting women’s spaces. She was eventually rushed to a room where transgender activists held her hostage for over three hours. One video showed the mob debating what Gaines would need to pay them in order to be allowed to leave. Not shockingly, given how above the law the transgender lobby is, no one was arrested.

Now, the Associated Students at SFSU are letting it be known who the real victims are: Them.

Instead of placing the blame for the chaos on those who caused it, the student association asserts that the administration misused the school’s TPM policies (i.e. their protest rules). Astonishingly, the letter also claims that the police presence at the event was “uncalled for” despite the fact that a woman was assaulted and held hostage by militant transgender activists.


The letter ends with a demand that the school’s administration “hold themselves accountable and host a community forum to hear how damaging these tactics have been to our student body.”

As President of Associated Students and on behalf of the organization, I call on President Lynn Mahoney and her administration to hold themselves accountable and host a community forum to hear how damaging these tactics have been to our student body. I call on campus administrators to work with our students and community to revisit and amend current policies and practices to uplift student voices and protect our student body, including transparency in publicly sharing with the AS Board of Directors how the university plans to move forward with a plausible action plan.

To our trans-identifying students: we see you, we hear you, and we are hear to uplift your voices.

The disconnect from reality in that statement is just incredible. It was the militant transgender activists who committed acts of violence and devolved an event into a dangerous situation that required police intervention. But to hear the student association tell it, the administration didn’t go far enough in coddling their inane outbursts. Further, the student association wants the school to host a forum to hear their concerns, demanding a “plausible action plan” on how to make that happen.


What’s the suggestion being made here? That the activists should have been allowed to kill Gaines? That’s sure what it sounds like given she was barricaded in a room for three hours—and the student association still claims she was the aggressor.

If these are the future leaders of America, we are screwed. What is going on in the university system is simply grotesque. Students are being indoctrinated into perpetual victimhood that is then used to justify violence against those who don’t agree with them. All Gaines wants is for women to be protected from the predation of men, and she’s treated like a terrorist. It’s insane.



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