Winsome Sears Smacks Down Bill Maher Guest Claiming Nashville Transgender Shooter Is Being 'Misgendered'

Winsome Sears Smacks Down Bill Maher Guest Claiming Nashville Transgender Shooter Is Being 'Misgendered'
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Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears appeared on Bill Maher’s show on Friday night. Unfortunately, she had to deal with a guest at the table complaining that the transgender Nashville mass shooter was being “misgendered” and “dead-named.”

To summarize how that went, Sears was having none of it.

On Monday, a 28-year-old woman claiming to be a man entered a Tennessee Christian school and began shooting teachers and students. Before two police officers heroically rushed to the scene and took down the deranged murderer, six people were killed including three small children. Within days, police revealed that they had found a manifesto and that there was substantial reason to believe that the shooter’s trans “identity” played a role in her motivation. Further reports appeared to confirm that was true, though we are still awaiting the public release of the manifesto.

Incredibly, despite the story clearly being that a transgender person committed a hate crime against Christians, the press immediately began to paint the shooter and the broader “trans community” as the real victims. That included the White House, which spent all week claiming trans people are “under attack” and promoting the so-called “Trans Day of Visibility.”

That ridiculous theme continued on Maher’s show when a guest named James Kirchick, who writes for something called Air Mail, decided to chide people for “misgendering” and “deadnaming” the militant transgender shooter. He then snidely and confidently proclaimed that “if someone says they’re a man, they’re a man.”

Luckily, Sears was there to provide the much-deserved smackdown.

Let me help Kirchick out since he seems rather confused about life. No, you are not a man just because you say you are a man. Rather, there are biological realities. Gender is not a social construct, no matter how much the far-left insists it is. The shooter is not being “misgendered” because she was a woman.

Further, she is certainly not being dead-named, though the entire notion of dead-naming is ludicrous. As far as anyone can tell, the shooter never changed her name legally, therefore it is paramount for law enforcement and the press to use her real name to identify her. You don’t get to choose your name on a whim due to having a mental illness. There are actual legal hoops to jump through.

Regardless, I could not care less about offending the sensibilities of the now-deceased shooter nor of the transgender movement at large. I am not bound to abide by their delusions. I do not have to pretend biological reality doesn’t exist to appease them. Certainly, I don’t have to worry about affirming the gender hysterics of a mass murderer who took the room temperature challenge after murdering six people.

That Kirchick’s mind would even go to the place is disturbing, to say the least. Who thinks like that? Who wakes up in the aftermath of a mass shooting committed by a radicalized transgender man and decides that “misgendering” is the real issue? I’d suggest Kirchick take stock of his life because things have clearly gone off the rails.

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