Joe Biden Flubs While Visiting Disaster-Stricken Rolling Fork, MS

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Rolling Fork, MS, continues to suffer in the aftermath of a massive tornado that essentially leveled the small town located in the Mississippi Delta. Many homes were destroyed as the EF-4 cut straight through the rural farming area, leaving nothing but rubble and death in its wake.


Unlike past disasters and tragedies, President Joe Biden didn’t waste much time in going to survey the damage. Objectively, that’s a good thing. The bad part, though, is that he apparently didn’t even know what town he was visiting.

This is just so embarrassing to watch. The President of the United States had a multi-hour flight to Jackson, MS, on Air Force One and then a helicopter flight on Marine One from there to Rolling Fork. Are we to believe that he simply had no time to study his notes to ensure he knew the name of the town? That’s not a fact that he should need to read off a sheet.

Are there any basic standards by which the current president is held? Or have we become so numb to his senile flubs that they don’t even matter anymore? Certainly, the press takes the latter approach.

Understand that this trip is just box-checking for Biden. He’s gotten himself in hot water politically in the past by delaying or not doing these kinds of visits. His handlers must have learned their lesson because they acted more decisively this go around. That’s all well and good, but the goal should be to show some genuine empathy for the people on the ground who have lost everything, not be so lazy as to not even memorize the name of the town they live in.


It’s one thing to be used for a photo-op. It’s another to be used for a photo-op while the person using you shows so little care for even basic details of your situation. Sharkey County is a very liberal area of Mississippi, and that’s probably the only reason Biden even made the trip. He has yet to visit Nashville after a transgender man killed six people at a Christian school there, and the lack of effort the president puts into doing his job is obvious.

It’s not difficult. Learn the name of the town you are visiting before you go there. Have your handlers quiz you if you must. But don’t show up to a disaster area pretending to care when you can’t even be bothered to demonstrate some basic knowledge of the situation.


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