Incredible Body-Cam Footage of Nashville Shooting Destroys the Uvalde PD and Its Left-Wing Apologists

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

As RedState reported, dramatic body-cam footage of police confronting and killing the Nashville Christian school shooter emerged on Tuesday. It was a picture of heroism as officers rushed into the school to clear rooms and stop the carnage.


Within minutes, they had located the shooter, with one officer taking down the self-identified “transgender man” with a precision that only comes from actual training and the courage to use it. Another officer finished the ordeal after the shooter again tried to go for her gun.

The footage is incredible but also somewhat graphic so discretion is advised.

But while the sequence is harrowing, what stuck out the most about the video was the contrast it drew with what happened in the now-infamous school shooting in Uvalde. For months, the left-wing media have been running an apology campaign for the Texas town’s police department, claiming that the presence of a semi-automatic rifle made it essentially impossible for the hundreds of present officers to take down the shooter. As the story goes, the gun was so incredibly overpowering that the police shouldn’t have even been expected to try.

To illustrate that, a reporter for the Texas Tribune recently published a lengthy excusing of the Uvalde PD, claiming that the AR-15 the shooter had was simply far too dangerous for officers to confront.


Do you know what I noticed about the body-cam footage from the Nashville shooting? I noticed that none of them had ballistic shields, something that Uvalde PD officers claimed they needed. In fact, only one of them had a helmet. Some only had pistols. Yet, they rushed in to do their duty.

How did that end? With the shooter dead and her rampage ended well before she could cause the same level of casualties as occurred in Uvalde. You see, school shooters are almost never trained shooters with any real tactical sense. Rather, they are LARPing, mentally ill delinquents playing out their fantasies in order to either commit suicide, punish those they hate, or push a political message (the transgender shooter in Nashville was apparently doing all three).

Any group of well-trained officers is going to have a very good shot at taking down an active school shooter if they do one important thing: Try.

This isn’t complicated. If you sign up to be a police officer, and you are given that great authority and all the preparation and equipment that comes with it, it is your duty to run into the line of fire to save lives. There can be no equivocation on that front. Otherwise, go find another job.


Those officers who stood around in Uvalde that tragic day should feel immense shame watching that body-cam footage from Nashville. They should feel guilty that they stood by as cowards while children were murdered in cold blood. And for what? Because they were scared of a certain type of gun? It’s an unthinkable excuse given the stakes.

Lastly, the press outlets that have made excuses for the Uvalde PD in an attempt to push an anti-gun narrative are ghouls. They would use the deaths of children to make a political point when there is ample evidence that the police simply doing their jobs would have seriously limited the damage done.


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