Hunter Biden Tries to Have It Both Ways After Suing Repair Shop Owner Over Laptop

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

As RedState reported, Hunter Biden has filed a countersuit against the computer repair shop owner who came into possession of his now-infamous laptop. John Paul Mac Issac sued Hunter Biden for defamation in late January, and now, the president’s son is striking back while also pushing for a criminal investigation into the shop owner.


What’s interesting and pathetic, though, is that the younger Biden continues to want to have it both ways. He is currently suing someone who possessed the laptop for invasion of privacy, yet his lawyers are still claiming that’s not an admission that the laptop is his.

One would think that contention might become rather sticky in court. It would seem tough to sue someone for invading your privacy when you refuse to admit the information you claim was stolen is even yours. But here we are, with Hunter Biden’s lawyers claiming that he “is without knowledge sufficient to admit or deny the allegations.”

Let me give you a probable translation of that line: Hunter Biden was toasted out of his mind when he dropped off and forgot to pick up the laptop in question.


Oddly enough, the press could settle this very easily by just asking Hunter Biden if the signature on the intake form is his. We all know why he hasn’t been pressed on the matter, though.

Regardless, everyone knows the truth here. It’s Hunter Biden’s laptop. Those pictures of him doing coke and videos of him with hookers are not deep fakes. The emails on the hard drive are real. It’s all real. This countersuit is just a desperate attempt to intimidate those who are trying to fight for some accountability in this situation. That the president’s son is continuing to tie himself in knots in the midst of his weak offensive just makes the situation more laughable.

As to the legal merits, a court will ultimately decide, but having owned a computer repair business at one point, I can say that 90-day pickup periods are common. Usually, after that point, the piece of hardware becomes the property of the shop so they can monetize it for payment. Typically that comes in the form of selling the physical equipment involved. In this case, the shop owner tried to give the incriminating data to the FBI, but the FBI appears to have buried it.


There is a certain point in time when a piece of property is considered abandoned. That looks like what happened here, and Hunter Biden’s flailing will likely fail. In the meantime, it sure would be nice to have a press corps that actually investigates and asks tough questions. But I’m kidding myself. We don’t have one of those.


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