Chris Christie Isn't Done Embarrassing Himself Yet

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Politics has a way of driving people into delusion. That’s because even laughably bad candidates can still find themselves in the limelight and aboard private jets, at least for a time. Kamala Harris’ disastrous presidential run is proof enough of that, though she managed to parlay her epic failure and intersectionality into a vice presidential position because failing up is a Democratic Party gold standard.


But while Harris at least had enough initial support to justify a run, there are others who deserve to be heckled for even entertaining the idea of running for president. Chris Christie is one of those people.

Christie, the failed former Governor of New Jersey-turned-failed presidential candidate-turned-grating talking head, is apparently contemplating jumping into the 2024 race (Washington Examiner). I guess he’s not done embarrassing himself yet.

Former New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie laid out a time frame for when he will decide whether to jump into the 2024 race for president.

“Next 45 to 60 days,” he told the Washington Examiner, noting that a campaign is still something he is actively considering.


“I have enormous respect for Gov. Hogan. He’s my friend, and I have great respect for his decision,” Christie said. “I think it’ll be a significantly smaller field than it was in 2016. And I think that it would be good for us, given all the losing we’ve done over the last four years, to have a robust primary.”

Christie has recently been trying to position himself as the anti-DeSantis despite the Florida governor not even declaring his candidacy yet. Why? Because Christie has the critical thinking skills of a Giant Panda, and the matching physique to boot.


Remember when he spent an entire debate destroying Marco Rubio in 2016? How’d that work out for Christie? As evidenced by many aspects of his life, he lacks discipline. He’d sell himself down the river if it meant a good headline or a few pats on the back from the press. That’s well and good for short-lived self-promotion, but it’s a horrible strategy if the goal is to, you know, win a Republican primary.

I suppose he believes running for president in 2024 will rekindle his glory days, but you can’t rekindle what never existed. The hard reality for Christie is that absolutely no one wants him to run for president. Sure, he’s a loudmouth, but GOP voters require more than high decibel counts from their candidates. That Christie has positioned himself among the neoconservative wing only makes his path all the more improbable.

Who does he think his constituency is? Even most of the anti-Trump wing of the party can’t stand him. And what exactly are the accomplishments he plans to run on? Shutting down a bridge? That’s all anyone remembers him for. Well, that and hugging Barack Obama.


These vanity presidential campaigns need to stop, and donors need to ensure they stop. No one should be giving Christie a dime to run in 2024. He’s got zero shot at the nomination, and that’s a very good thing. The last thing the GOP needs is a return to the status quo that Christie so desperately wants to restore. He had a narrow window in 2012, and he missed it. He’d do well to recognize that those chances don’t come around again, before he beclowns himself further.


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