The John Fetterman Situation Just Got Much Weirder

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The situation surrounding John Fetterman continues to get much weirder.

The Pennsylvania senator is still residing at Walter Reed hospital after checking himself in for “severe” depression some weeks prior. That followed another recent hospital stint for light-headedness. Fetterman has suffered from a multitude of health issues since he suffered a massive stroke in mid-2022.


Despite a “recovery” from the stroke that is clearly going in the wrong direction, talk of Fetterman resigning has been dismissed as ableism. His staff has also tried to keep up appearances, making it seem as if he’s still working while being confined at Walter Reed.

It’s safe to say if Fetterman were a Republican, the calls from the press to leave office would be overwhelming. After all, we are talking about the same news outlets that wanted Donald Trump to be forcibly removed because he walked slowly down a ramp. Fetterman is a Democrat, though, so the wagons are being circled in the oddest ways possible.

I told you things were getting weird. The New York Times wrote a full spread actually suggesting that it is normal for a senator to co-sponsor legislation that he’s not even aware of. That’s the best defense they could come up with for a guy who not only can’t perform the duties of his office, but can’t even hold a conversation with someone.

The entire point of electing a representative is that they make decisions in the interests of their constituents. In all my time covering politics, I have never once heard of a Senate staff co-sponsoring legislation for their boss without his or her knowledge. That’s so insane and contrary to the electoral system as to be scandalous all on its own. We aren’t supposed to be a government run by staff proxies. US senators are expected to carry out basic duties, and one of those is being aware of bills they are sponsoring.


Get a load of this passage to further press home how absurd this is.

Fetterman obviously didn’t send the letter himself given he’s locked up in a mental ward. Yet, the Times goes on to proclaim that it’s “hardly atypical” for a senator to have a “staff-run institution.” In other words, they are admitting Fetterman can’t do his job, but they are fine with that because he’s a Democrat.

But look, that would be silly enough. When I promised you things have gotten even weirder, I meant it, and I’m going to deliver. Here’s what Fetterman’s wife, Gisele, is up to.

What in the world?

When John Fetterman first went into the hospital, Gisele Fetterman ran off to Canada to do social media posts that don’t even mention her husband. Now, she’s back in Pennsylvania…fighting fires? And People Magazine is fawning over her, as if any of this makes an ounce of sense.


In the article, it says that Gisele Fetterman is only visiting her husband once a week. I don’t know about you, but if my wife were in the hospital, and I dipped out to Canada and then only visited her once a week, she might be just a bit upset. What is going on here?

That’s a question we aren’t likely to get an answer to anytime soon. The press is far too invested in protecting Fetterman to get to the bottom of anything.



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