Fetterman Staff Releases 'Proof of Life' Photos, and They Don't Look Great

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

What exactly is going on with Sen. John Fetterman? That’s a question many have been asking, and those around him haven’t exactly been forthcoming with answers.


Despite attempts by Fetterman’s staff and a compliant press to dismiss his spate of health issues as routine, it’s not every day that a US senator checks himself into a mental ward at Walter Reed hospital. Severe depression was the official reason given for his latest trip to a medical facility, and that condition was compounded on top of other, already known serious health issues.

Fetterman’s recovery from his massive stroke prior to last year’s primary obviously hasn’t gone as predicted or hoped. On Monday, after much speculation, Fetterman’s chief of staff released what some are calling “proof of life” photos…and they don’t look great.

The time to dunk on Fetterman has passed, and I’m not here to do that. This is not about politics. After all, Pennsylvania has a Democrat governor, so any possible Fetterman replacement would also be a Democrat. In other words, there’s nothing to be gained here, and my commentary on the situation is made with that realization.

Still, it’s impossible to brush this aside as no big deal. This is a big deal and it’s not normal. What is happening is largely unprecedented, and what’s in those photos shouldn’t provide any comfort about Fetterman’s condition. Think about it. This is a United States senator sitting in a purple room in a mental health wing pretending to go over legislation as if these photos aren’t completely staged. His weight loss over the last few months has been dramatic as well.


Something is obviously not right. Does Fetterman look happy to be “working” in the pictures? Does he strike you as someone well on his way to recovery? Or does this all feel like another round of gaslighting by those around the senator seeking to keep the gravy train rolling? And where is his family at?

This needs to stop. Fetterman is clearly not fit for office, and that’s true in more ways than one now. The right thing to do would be the resign from the US Senate and recede to private life. There are no political considerations here (because again, Pennsylvania has a Democrat governor) so there’s no reason to keep this charade going. Those around Fetterman need to swallow their own ambitions and encourage him to do what is right, for his own sake and the sake of his children.


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