Biden Suffers Embarrassing Defeat After Controversial Nominee Withdraws Nomination

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In a major victory for free speech in America, controversial Biden nominee Gigi Sohn has withdrawn her nomination to the FCC.

Sohn was at the center of a firestorm that had lasted for nearly a year and a half. Her nomination initially failed during the less US Senate term because she was such a terrible candidate for the job. The White House then inexplicably renominated her in January of 2023, believing that the new one-seat larger Democrat majority would force her through.


The Washington Post broke the news, though they did their best to present Sohn as a victim of unfair attacks.

President Biden’s pick to serve as a telecommunications regulator is withdrawing her nomination to the Federal Communications Commission, following a bitter 16-month lobbying battle that blocked her appointment and opened her up to relentless personal attacks.

Gigi Sohn, a longtime public interest advocate and former Democratic FCC official who was first nominated by the White House in October 2021, said her decision to withdraw follows “unrelenting, dishonest and cruel attacks” seeded by cable and media industry lobbyists. The announcement is a defeat for consumer advocates, who had rallied behind Sohn during three Senate confirmation hearings.

But it is a devastating blow to the Biden administration, whose ambitious internet agenda has been mired in limbo for more than two years, amid a deadlock at the FCC.

While Sohn claims she withdrew because of the attacks against her, the reality is that Sohn doesn’t have the votes, and she doesn’t have the votes because she doesn’t deserve the votes. She’s a far-left kook that has no business on a supposedly non-partisan commission that makes important decisions relating to the flow of information in the country.

Ted Cruz helped lead the fight against Sohn, recently promoting a helpful video that lays out her record. If you haven’t been made aware of how radical she is, give it a watch.


It’s not just Sohn that lost here, though. This is also a disaster for the Biden administration given the president expended far more political capital on her nomination than any other during his term. It’s not often that a failed nominee is renominated, and the White House clearly miscalculated the amount of opposition. When you can’t even get 50 Democrats to agree on someone, you know they have to be bad.

Hopefully, Sohn isn’t alone in failing to cross the finish line. Biden’s FAA nominee, Phil Washington, is equally terrible, though for different reasons. He’s currently caught up in a corruption scandal and has no aviation experience, something that is essentially unheard of when it comes to FAA heads. Now that Sohn is out of the way, all focus needs to be on Washington.


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