Peter Doocy Nails Karine Jean-Pierre After She Calls Biden 'Brave'

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Fox News’ Peter Doocy pinned down Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday, leaving her on the defensive over Joe Biden’s record of softness toward China.


In the exchange, Doocy hit a variety of points, including the lack of response over the Chicoms flying a spy balloon across the continental United States and the recent revelations on the origins of COVID-19.

In response, Karine Jean-Pierre let it be known that Biden is “brave,” citing media reports as her proof.

Every single “journalist” in that room (or their outlets) who pushed the ridiculous notion that Biden’s trip to Ukraine was uniquely “brave” should feel nothing but shame from Jean-Pierre’s shout-out. She’s literally using their own absurdity to defend the indefensible, and they gladly handed her the fodder because they couldn’t help but fluff one of the most disastrous presidencies in history.

For context, the Biden administration notified the Russians before he went to Ukraine. There was never an ounce of danger, as evidenced by the fact that air raid sirens elicited zero response from the Secret Service while the president was on the ground. Never mind that a myriad of other politicians and celebrities visited Kyiv long before the White House resident made his trek.


Doocy is correct. The White House shot down the balloon after it completed its mission, and then absolutely nothing was done to China for the breach of American airspace. US national security was not “protected.” It was flaunted by a hostile state that has no fear of the current president. That balloon should have been blown up over the Bering Sea, not allowed to traverse over major American population areas until Biden had no choice but to finally act as it was leaving US airspace.

I don’t care how many pairs of aviator sunglasses he owns, you’re never going to make a draft-dodging weakling like Biden look courageous. You also are never going to make his handling of COVID-19 anything but a failure. Still, Jean-Pierre persisted.


I love this magical world the White House has created where Biden came into office and took immediate, unprecedented action to solve the COVID-19 pandemic. In reality, he was handed already developed vaccines and a full distribution program created and implemented by the Trump administration. Yet, despite having all that in his favor, the current president still managed to screw everything up, with more dying on his watch than Trump’s.

Finally, as if to prove Doocy’s point, Jean-Pierre went back to shrugging and pretending it’s just a big mystery where COVID-19 came from.

Why in the world, if China is guilty (and they likely are in the opinion of numerous intelligence agencies), would they provide evidence of their own guilt to the Biden administration? That makes no sense at all. How pathetically weak is this White House for going easy on the Chicoms because they haven’t provided the data yet to show they caused the pandemic? That’s not how any of this works.


A real leader would stand up to Xi Jinping. The United States doesn’t have one of those, though, so we instead get this silly cosplaying in Ukraine while America’s enemies laugh at her. Jean-Pierre has no ability to cover up that reality.


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