American Citizen Killed by Palestinian Terrorists That Joe Biden Helps Fund

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

An American citizen was killed in a Palestinian terrorist attack on Monday. That came as tensions continued to rise in the West Bank, with outbursts of violence over supposed “settlers” in the region.


According to the U.S. Ambassador to Israel and other reports, two men were killed in the attack, with one of them confirmed to be an American.

Following the murders, reports of Israeli “settlers” exacting retribution began to circulate, though how accurate those reports are is anyone’s guess given the penchant for the Palestinian authorities to lie to the press.

Regardless, the idea that Palestinians are justified in murdering Jews because they move into an area that is predominantly Palestinian is inherently anti-Semitic. That the national media accepts the ridiculous “illegal settler” framing is an indictment of their gross dishonesty. You can’t shout about “apartheid” while supporting apartheid enacted by the Palestinian Authority.

Further, the Biden administration has been funding the Palestinian cause, with all the corruption and terrorism that comes with it. In 2022, the president announced $316 million in American taxpayer funding to various Palestinian causes despite a vast history of misappropriation of funds. That followed the Trump administration’s cutting off of aid, a move that sent the press into apoplectic shock at the time. Biden even went so far as to hold a joint event with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, who has often glorified Palestinian terrorism.


I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Biden has perhaps the worst record on foreign policy in American history, having been laughably wrong on countless issues for half a century in government. If there’s a mistake to be made, he’s going to make it, and it was a mistake to reboot the US-Palestinian relationship without preconditions. Now, Israel is paying the price, and they are going to be forced to respond harshly.


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