Ted Cruz Gives a Telling Analysis of the DOJ's Investigations Into Joe and Hunter Biden

Ted Cruz appeared with Sean Hannity on Wednesday evening and gave a telling analysis of what to look for as the DOJ investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden progress.


After years of calling it “Russian disinformation,” Hunter Biden via his attornies actually admitted to the provenance of the “laptop from hell” recently, threatening to sue conservative outlets (including Tucker Carlson) for reporting on it. They are also demanding the DOJ begin federal investigations, not into Hunter Biden’s explicit activity, but into those who have reported on it. That’s very much in the mold of the Ashley Biden fiasco.

Returning to Cruz, he’s warning people about how the DOJ may try to separate Joe Biden from his son, not investigating some very telling things found on the laptop that could criminally implicate both.

CRUZ: There’s a special prosecutor that’s been appointed by the Attorney General, and there’s a way to know whether that special prosecutor is actually trying to follow the law. In poker, you have a tell, you have some sort of signal to show what you’re really doing.

Here’s the tell: If the special prosecutor is following the law, they will be looking at the connections between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden because Hunter Biden made a career out of selling access to his father and making millions of dollars from communist china, from Burisma in Ukraine, and they will be looking at those connections. If they are trying to protect the Biden White House, they will be trying to separate the two and say, “well, look at Hunter for drugs, for his tax evasion, but it’s all personal. Don’t connect him to the Big Guy.” And I’ve got to say on that laptop from hell, there are multiple emails right now that on the face of it appear to have been written relying on official government briefing documents.

There’s one email right before Hunter Biden gets invited to be on the board of Burisma and to make $83K a month. This email is incredibly detailed, it has 22 points, it’s scholarly, it’s erudite. It reads like the briefing paper that a government official gets before you take a trip abroad. It reads like a scene setter, and Joe Biden was going to Ukraine the very next week, and it raises an obvious question. Did Hunter Biden read the briefing materials Joe Biden was given, did he cut and paste them, and put them in this email? And here’s the $64,000 question: Did those briefers include classified materials?


The basic allegation here is that Hunter Biden, putting aside all the other possible criminal activity found on the laptop, may have used some of Joe Biden’s stolen classified documents in pursuing lucrative foreign dealings. Whether that’s probable or not, it’s certainly possible given the timeline of the situation. Further, it should be really easy for the DOJ to figure out.

All Special Counsel Robert Hur, who has been assigned to investigate Joe Biden’s stealing of classified documents, would have to do is look at the emails mentioned and compare them to the briefings on Ukraine that were present at the Biden family home in Wilmington, DE. If there are any similarities, then that’s strong evidence those classified materials were used by Hunter Biden.

To reiterate, that’s just a theory, and no one knows yet if that’s what happened. But if Hur doesn’t even look into the issue, instead keeping anything to do with Hunter Biden siphoned off, then you know the fix is in. That’s Cruz’s point, and I think it’s a good one.

Unfortunately, from what I’m seeing, the separation Cruz is warning about is already taking place. In fact, I think that’s the entire purpose of Hur being appointed. Having an active special counsel investigation into Joe Biden conveniently means that House Republicans can’t subpoena information (including the classified information found) on both the president and his son to provide a full examination of what transpired.

In other words, the cover-up is the special counsel, which has handled Joe Biden with kid gloves so far after taking weeks to even get started. Everything that’s been done by the DOJ so far has allowed the White House to stay one step ahead, and that sure seems purposeful.



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