Finland Introduces First 'Transgender' Figure Skater, and Things Go Very Badly

Finland opens the European Figure Skating Championships with a transgender performance (1/29/23). (Credit: Twitter)

Far-left ideology continued to make a mockery of Western civilization over the weekend. Finland, which hosts the European Figure Skating Championships, decided it’d be a great idea to hold an opening ceremony that featured a “transgender” figure skater.


As you’ll see, things went very badly.

Make sure you actually watch the video, because the joke here is not just that this man that is pretending to be a woman fell down. It’s the entire performance. As the clip rolls, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because it looks like he’s never stepped into an ice rink before. If you strapped skates on some random hobo, I’m pretty sure they could do the same job.

As someone quipped on Twitter in response, it’s like watching one of those videos where a football team lets the young kid with cancer score a TD. Except in this case, this isn’t a young kid with cancer. It’s a full-grown man living out his mental illness for all the world to see. Worse, that mental illness is being affirmed as good and proper by entire nations.

How did we get to this point? That’s a rhetorical question, of course. I think most, especially those of us on the right who warned about this stuff, know exactly how we got to this point. For years, the left kept pushing more and more insanity under the banner of LGBT. Some of us said, “you know, maybe redefining marriage instead of just keeping civil unions a separate matter isn’t such a great idea?” We were labeled crazy bigots for having basic religious beliefs on the topic and opining that it was a slippery slope.


And naturally, things didn’t stop there. We went from “just leave us alone” to “you will affirm everything we do or be punished” in less than a decade, and that’s taken its most militant form yet with transgender ideology. You will be made to call a man a woman, including those that like to strip tease in front of kids. If you don’t, you will be extricated from polite society. That’s already started happening, and things will only get worse from here.

As I’ve said before, this only stops when enough say enough. Do not allow this stuff to be forced on you. Stand by your principles. Accept nothing short of the full rejection of this counterfactual lunacy.


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