REPORT: Ron Klain to Resign Over Biden Classified Docs Scandal

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The Biden administration hasn’t exactly been a beacon of stability over its two years, with Vice President Kamala Harris’ office seeing an especially high turnover rate. Things got so bad that we started to run out of headline ideas while covering all the speechwriters, advisors, and staffers leaving.


Is it now Joe Biden’s turn to go through the wringer? According to The New York Times, the president is about to suffer his biggest casualty, by far, since taking office. Per the report, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain is set to resign, possibly as soon as February.

Ron Klain, the White House chief of staff who has steered President Biden’s administration through two years of triumphs and setbacks, is expected to step down in coming weeks in the most significant changing of the guard since Mr. Biden took office two years ago.

Mr. Klain has been telling colleagues privately since the November midterm elections that after a grueling, nonstop stretch at Mr. Biden’s side going back to the 2020 campaign, he is ready to move on, according to senior administration officials, and a search for a replacement has been underway.

Somewhere, Jennifer Rubin just took a long swig from a Zima and broke down into tears. Who’s going to retweet her ridiculous takes now?

And that’s really Klain’s legacy, isn’t it? He was the Baghdad Bob of the Biden administration, constantly lecturing an already compliant press for not bending the knee quite enough. That he had an affinity for Rubin’s social media rantings just made him all the more ridiculous.


People often joked that Klain was the “real president” because the guy who has the job has been so incapable of doing it himself. As early as 2019, it was clear that Biden was suffering from a severe mental decline, and Klain has been there every step of the way to tell him what to think and what to say. So many of the terrible policies and decisions that have occurred over the last two years originated with Klain and not the man who spends nearly half his time hiding out on vacation in Delaware.

Regardless, while the buck stops with Biden, he’s certainly not going to take the fall for any of his failures. That leaves Klain to fill that role, deservedly so to some degree given his level of influence. Sure, he’ll claim that this is about spending more time with his family and moving on to the next stage, but we all know what it’s really about. The Biden administration has been a disaster, and every disaster needs someone to pay the price.

With that said, don’t expect whoever replaces Klain to be any better at the job.


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