Democrat Representative Melts Minds With Take on Speaker Battle

Madeleine Dean compares the Speaker fight to an insurrection on MSNBC (1/8/22) (Credit: MSNBC)

With the fight over who will become Speaker of the House in the rearview mirror, Democrats returned to their regularly scheduled programming on Sunday. Namely, they got back to calling everything they don’t like an insurrection.


According to Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) and MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart, the fact that a group of Republicans didn’t immediately fall in line to vote for now-Speaker Kevin McCarthy is just a continuation of January 6th.

If you spend much time on the internet, you’ve probably come across a meme of a children’s book with a picture of Hitler on it, emblazoned with the title “Everyone I Don’t Like Is Hitler, a Child’s Guide to Online Political Discourse.” It gained popularity over the last decade given the penchant for Democrats to compare their political opponents to the deceased nazi leader.

The same thing has happened with regard to the term “insurrection.” Everything is an insurrection to the left. Pizza is an insurrection. Dogs are an insurrection. Heck, my writing of this article is an insurrection. And apparently, the House operating in a democratic manner is also now an insurrection.

Perhaps Capehart and Dean aren’t aware, but the entire point of the House of Representatives is that people vote for individuals to represent them. It’s not a monarchial body whereby a Speaker is appointed by the rite of birth. What Matt Gaetz, Chip Roy, and others did in voting against McCarthy was the system working as intended. Representatives aren’t supposed to jump at the command of their party’s elite. They are supposed to have their own minds, and most importantly, do the bidding of their constituents.


Perhaps that’s a foreign concept to Madeleine given that Nancy Pelosi could have told her to do a swan dive off a bridge and she’d have gladly done it. Democrats operate as a monolith, doing the bidding of leadership at all costs, and they don’t even pretend to care about those that elect them. That kind of subservience isn’t laudable, and it makes their obsession with claiming “democracy” is in danger especially ironic.

These people despise the very thing they claim to protect. They can’t stand it when people think for themselves, vote the way they want, and participate in open debate. McCarthy’s Speaker fight was not an insurrection. Further, it wasn’t even a continuation of a prior insurrection, as Capehart claims, because that insurrection didn’t exist either. January 6th was a riot and nothing more, no matter how much these people want to turn it into something equivalent to 9/11.


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