Mike Lindell Doesn't 'Believe' Ron DeSantis' Landslide Victory, Says He's Going After Dade County

Sometimes I look out upon the political hellscape that has been created, wishing that the insanity would just stop. But it’s not stopping anytime soon, especially not with people like Mike Lindell around.


The guy who once proclaimed that Trump would be installed as president eight months after Joe Biden’s inauguration has a new plan to push for election security: He’s going to go after Miami-Dade County in Florida.

In the clip, Lindell says that he’s “going after Dade County in the 2022 election.” He then asks himself in the third-person, “why would you go after Dade County?”

LINDELL: Do you know why Brandon?

HOST: Well, no, that’s Florida, you would think “oh that’s a conservative state, Dade County.”

LINDELL: Do you know what happened in Dade County in the 2022 election?

HOST: Is that the one? That’s not the one where so many Hispanics flipped and voted for Republicans is it?

LINDELL: Well, this is where Ron DeSantis won Dade County, a Republican won Dade County. Well, for me, I look at deviations, everybody. That’s a deviation. I don’t (crosstalk)…I don’t believe it. So I want to, I’m just gonna show everybody, just like we always say about Democrats, where they stole their elections.


I don’t even know what any of this means anymore. Lindell has often made broad assertions that he’s looking at votes, voting machines, etc. while doing yeoman’s work on election security. That has all amounted to absolutely nothing, and I fail to see how he’d even have access to the necessary information in Miami-Dade to do any kind of audit.

What’s he even looking for in this context? Miami-Dade was not actually a deviation as he claims. It followed the same trends across the entire state that showed large shifts toward the Republican Party. Besides, how exactly would Ron DeSantis be able to rig the election in a Democrat-run county? That doesn’t begin to make any sense.

None of this can make sense, though. Mike Lindell is delusional. He lost his marbles during the 2020 election, and because so many grifters around him have encouraged his rantings, he’s descended further into his derangement. That he still gets invited to speak at major conservative conferences is stupid and enabling. Lindell doesn’t need more publicity. He needs someone who will speak plainly to him.

But even putting that aspect of this aside, the idea of going after DeSantis plainly political, and it’s pathetic. Just because Trump only won Florida by a couple of points does not mean it’s a suspicious deviation that DeSantis won it by 19. The Florida governor has excelled in his state (and on the national stage) since winning his first term. It makes perfect sense that he’d win in a landslide the second time around.


I’m not going to suggest that Trump is behind this push because I think Lindell does everything he does of his own volition. With that said, the former president should run as far away from this insanity as possible. In fact, to those who actually care about election security, you should want Lindell to go back to just making pillows. He has no credibility after his empty promises surrounding 2020. He’s simply toxic.


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