Two Provisions in the Omnibus Bill Will Have You Breaking Things

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Senate Republicans are gearing up to punch their voters in the mouth again, this time by passing a massive omnibus bill that gives the farm away to Democrats for essentially nothing in return.


The reasoning behind the push is a bit of a mystery. Are we really to believe that these Republicans fear a short government shutdown so much that they are willing to concede the power of the purse their party fought so hard to win in November’s election?

Color me skeptical on that front. On the contrary, as a nice change of pace, I think this move isn’t about cowardice but is about business as usual. It’s a bunch of big-spending initiatives greasing the palms of a group of mostly outgoing Republican senators looking for one last payday. In other words, this omnibus package is everything that’s wrong with Washington, condensed into one 4,000+ page bill that they won’t read.

Others are reading it, though, and the contents are as much of a dumpster fire as you’d expect. After years of covering these ridiculous omnibus bills, I feel confident in saying this is the worst one yet, and two provisions bear that out perfectly.

For example, the Heritage Foundation found these appropriations showing that we have a new state religion, and it’s the LGBT movement.


I joked recently on Twitter about our government’s obsession with LGBT ideology, seemingly injecting it into every single corner of the public discourse. Sure enough, congress is now using taxpayer funds to prop up LGBT “centers” in major liberal cities. What’s the justification for such a decision? There isn’t one except to force religious people into supporting things they find morally objectionable. They don’t just want your tolerance anymore. They want your money, and by virtue, your stamp of approval.

What is an LGBT “pride center” except a place to propagate a very specific dogma? That makes these appropriations no different than if the federal government started shelling out cash to build churches. The far-left would lose its mind if that were the case, but they are all for taking your cash to hold drag queen story hours and “pride” events.

Meanwhile, Rep. Dan Bishop is also going through the omnibus package, and he found a passage related to border security that is just mind-numbing.

They literally put a provision in the bill barring any funding from being used by the Border Patrol to better process illegal immigrants (i.e. more efficient deportations). Think about that. Republicans are giving Democrats everything they want, and in return, they couldn’t even secure a basic concession like more funding for CBP to relieve its backlogs. Could the GOP be any more worthless?


Oh, but Republicans got their golden calf, i.e. more military spending, and isn’t that all that really matters? Let’s just keep shoveling cash into that money pit, without even a hint of accountability. Never mind that the military is run by far-left ideologues who are actively seeking to punish conservative servicemembers with pointless mandates and diversity training.

There is no reason to pass this omnibus bill, especially not with Republicans just days away from taking control of the House. It’s a long shot, but GOP voters need to be swamping their senators with demands to vote against this piece of trash. It would represent the worst betrayal since Biden took office if it passes.



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