WATCH: The Washington Post Announces Layoffs, and All Hell Breaks Loose

Turmoil breaks out during internal town hall at The Washington Post.

No matter how much they gaslight, the news media isn’t immune from economic reality. Don’t tell the employees of those outlets that, though. The same people who have been preaching all year that the economy is fine couldn’t fathom that the very policies they’ve supported might end up costing them their jobs.


That’s what made the chaos that broke out at The Washington Post on Wednesday so ironic, and of course, so hilarious. Executives of the nation’s second-largest newspaper, facing growing financial headwinds, held an all-staff town hall to announce that layoffs are coming. What followed was absolute gold.

Can anyone figure out why so many of them are still wearing masks? That might be the perfect metaphor for why the Post is failing. But I digress. You hear one woman arguing with the executive about the meeting not being a “grieving session” while another man demands to know how their jobs will be protected. Later in the clip, another lady screams about being disrespected while the whole room erupts in turmoil. It’s absolutely glorious when you consider these are some of the most entitled, pretentious people on the planet who have never cared one iota about blue-collar workers losing their jobs.

I hate to break it to them, but the whole point of layoffs is that their jobs aren’t going to be protected. They chose to do their jobs as partisan hacks, running off subscribers and not putting the paper on a sustainable path. These are those chickens coming home to roost, and it couldn’t be happening to a better bunch of people.


By the way, where did this idea come from that shouting at the boss accomplishes anything? If I were that executive in the room, I’d have walked out of there even more confident that I was making the right decision. These modern woke workforces have no concept of what it means to be a subordinate, and that’s finally leading to a shift in the corporate world as financial reality gets in the way of virtue-signaling. At the end of the day, money beats partisan politics.

Do you know what’s going to be the best part of this, though? Watching these lower-level employees get the boot while anchors like Jennifer Rubin and Eugene Robinson are retained. The Post’s upper management isn’t going to actually change course. They are going to trim the fat and keep chugging.


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